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Math Cheat Sheets

Math Cheat Sheets - Scaffolded Math and Science
Math Cheat Sheets Scaffolded Math and Science

While I was in graduate school, YouTube was my best friend. I'd come home from class, set my books on the table, tell myself I'd get to the week's problem set tomorrow, then start it that night. I knew it would take me the entire week to complete the work and that I'd spend a lot of that time searching online for help. 

One of my favorite parts of the work I do now is making cheat sheets for tricky math topics that students can use to help them with their work. I remember how stressed I'd get about my problem sets. Then I imagine my students who feel that stress now. 

This post is a collection of free printable math cheat sheets for tricky math topics for students to use.

Instagrammer @ffalaknaazz parent graphs on an Algebra 2 word wall
Instagrammer @ffalaknaazz's parent graphs

Math word walls are my #1 scaffold for making math accessible to all students, and I have written a lot about the reasons why. But the math cheat sheets in this post follow pretty closely. Students can slip them into their binders for help during independent work. The sheets can also be enlarged to make classroom reference posters. 

Below are links to the math cheat sheets on my blog. They are all free to download.

Math Cheat Sheets

Graphing Vertex Form Quadratics cheat sheet

Complex Solutions in Quadratics Shown Graphically

Graphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet

Graphing Exponential Functions Cheat Sheet

Long Division Cheat Sheet

Language of Math poster for translating word problems

Integer Operations Graphic Organizer

Polynomial Long Division cheat sheet

Polynomial synthetic division cheat sheet

Solving Equations Graphic Organizer

Teaching Polynomial Sketching and graphing reference sheet

1040 Income Tax Cheat Sheet for Kids

Exponential Functions Flowchart

Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions

Graphing Radicals Reference Sheet

Graphing absolute value functions cheat sheet

Quadratics Posters

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page

Graphing Rational Functions Reference Sheet

Projectile Motion Posters for a quadratics word problems unit

Conceptual understanding is important and we all want all kids to get there. Until they do, some kids need help. To me, math is not about memorization; it's about confidence, perseverance and knowing how to access information. Cheat sheets help eliminate road blocks to that information. 

visual math word wall for prime factorization
free prime factorizing visual math word wall

Math word walls, especially those showing the vocabulary in context, are another support I've found helps reach those students needing a little extra support. You can read more about math word walls and the ways they support students in the post 5 Ways Math Word Walls Changed My Teaching.

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