Graphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet

Do your students struggle to graph logarithmic functions? This free pdf printable cheat sheet walks Algebra 2 students through the steps of graphing a logarithm. It's a great sheet to hand out  during a logarithms unit for students notebooks or to enlarge for a bulletin board.

A couple weeks ago I shared a cheat sheet for graphing exponential functions so wanted to follow up with a reference sheet for graphing logarithms.

Graphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet

Students can color this graphing log functions sheet to personalize it for their notebooks or binders. It can also be enlarged into a poster to make a logarithms anchor chart. You can find this graphing logs reference sheet for free here: Graphing Logs Cheat Sheet

I also made a video that walks through the steps on the cheat sheet. That can be found here: Graphing log functions video

Solving Logarithm Equations Digital Math Escape Room
Solving logs digital math escape room

For practice solving logarithmic equations, I made this solving logarithms digital math escape room in Google Forms. Above is a photo of puzzle #4. Students solve each equation, then type in the 4-letter code from the answer grid to unlock the puzzle. There are 5 puzzles to unlock in all.

This is the log functions parent graph included in my algebra 2 word wall. It includes similar references for all the parent functions and comes in both print and digital form.

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