Digital Math Escape Rooms

Digital Math Escape Rooms

Whether your students are working together or independently, online or in-person, I wanted to make some super-engaging, no-prep digital math activities that are both fun for students and eliminate your need to grade. These new self-checking digital math escape rooms are built in Google Forms with no outside links. The directions are simple -- enter a 4-letter code to advance to the next puzzle -- so students can focus all of their energy on their math.

Because of the need for digital resources, I have updated many of my printable math materials to also include links to digital versions. (You can see those here.) I have also been creating some digital-only math activities to work in Google Slides and Google Forms. One of the newest activity types in Google Forms are these digital math escape rooms.

digital math escape rooms

Here’s some great feedback from teachers about these new digital math escape rooms: 

"I've greatly enjoyed using escape room activities with students in the past and struggled with how to implement those types of activities virtually. This activity did a great job of merging the concepts and skills of parallel & perpendicular lines with the fun and intrigue of an escape room! " - Elizabeth J.

"I've been using escape rooms from other authors. I love them but there has been some problems with the digital ones. My students were unable to access the website to see if they had the correct code. They don't have to do that with this one. It's all right there in google forms. This has been a lifesaver. I am looking forward in purchasing more of these escape rooms." -Kathleen S.

"I like to spice up my teaching by offering my students a variety of math activities. Students are challenged with solving the math problems and they stay engaged. I time them to see who can unlock the locks first. Exciting!" - Leinani K. 

"This is being used as we speak as a remote review lesson. The form pages were colorful, interesting and well put together. I love that I can edit as well, always a plus. Easy to use and such a time saver." - Mamma Bear Math

This feedback made me happy to read because it was exactly what I had hoped these digital math escape rooms would be-- engaging, easy to access for all and timesavers for teachers.

How do these digital math escape rooms work?

Each digital math escape room is built in Google Forms with no outside links. Everything is housed within the Google Form. This way you never have to worry that a link will be blocked or broken. 

Each escape room consists of 5 puzzles. In each puzzle there are 4 questions to answer. Once students answer the 4 questions, they find their answers in the answer choices grid. This will generate a 4-letter code. Entering that code into the answer box on the Form will unlock the lock. There are 5 locks to unlock in each escape room activity. Each escape room is set with response validation, giving students the instant feedback they love and eliminating your need to grade.

Teachers are sending these digital math escape rooms to students collaborating in groups and in breakout rooms, and students working independently. 

You can browse all 60+ digital math escape rooms here:


Important note: You can still assign these digital escape rooms if you are not in a Google school. If your students do not have Google logins, but you do have access to your own Google Drive, you can still assign these digital math escape rooms to students. Students do not need to log into Google or even have Google accounts. As long as you can house the escape room on your own Google Drive, and Google is not blocked on student devices, you can send it to students no matter which learning platform your school uses. Directions for sending the escape room to students are within the escape room PDF file (the link to the digital escape room is also embedded within the PDF).

Finding Slope Digital Math Escape Room
Finding slope digital math escape room

Browse some digital math escape rooms:

I've made over 60 digital math escape rooms so far with more to come, Below are links to a few of them. You can browse the entire list here.

Adding and Subtracting Integers Digital Math Escape Room


Slope Digital Math Escape Room

Fraction Review Digital Math Escape Room

GCF and LCM Digital Math Escape Room

Quadratic Word Problems Digital Math Escape Room

Domain and Range Digital Math Escape Room

Graphing Linear Equations Digital Math Escape Room

Coordinate Plane Digital Math Escape Room

Solving 2-Step Equations Digital Math Escape Room

Pythagorean Theorem Digital Math Escape Room 

Pi Day Digital Math Escape Room for Middle School

>Browse all digital math escape rooms here.

Digital Math Escape Room Bundle

Digital Math Escape Room Bundle for Middle School
Digital math escape room bundle

"This is one of the greatest purchases I have ever bought from TpT" - Kristi T

"BEST BUNDLE EVER. My students say they LOVE the problems in these escapes. I have used many of the escapes this year, and I LOVE that they cannot submit the assignment until all of the questions are answered correctly. Thank you so much for making this resource!"  -Lori M.

If you teach middle school math, this digital math escape room bundle includes escape rooms for integers, like terms, fractions, decimals, percents, the coordinate plane, expressions, exponents, GCF & LCM, mean, median, mode, range, probability, ratios, 1-step equations, 1-step inequalities, 2-step equations, 2-step inequalities, slope and unit rates. 

(I also recently put together a digital math escape room bundle for algebra.)

Sending the escape rooms:

This is super simple. Inside each escape room PDF will be two things: the link to make a copy of the escape room for your Google Drive and directions for sending the escape room to students:

1) Once the escape room is in your Google Drive, open it and click the purple "send" in the upper right corner. A popup window will appear.

2) In the popup, click the link icon, copy this link and share the link with students. This is the only link students will need to complete the activity.

My goal for these escape rooms was to make them super simple for teachers to use and super fun for students. I hope your students enjoy them!

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Ms. Laura Thuirer said...

I would love to have an escape room for all the factoring methods: GCF, grouping, a=1, a>1, special cases (perfect square trinomials, difference of two squares).

ScaffoldedMath said...

You got it! I will get this on my list. Can you please send me an email so I can send it to you when done?

Laura Kaplan said...

Me, too! Would be SO helpful!

ScaffoldedMath said...

You got it!

inna said...

I would love to see one with exponents, and one with logs. Thank you.

Unknown said...

That would be amazing!

Cassandra said...

Is it possible you have one with 2nd grade addition and subtraction with regrouping. The students can master it without regrouping but get confused when they need to regroup.

ScaffoldedMath said...

Hi Cassandra, I'd love to chat about this. I'd like to make sure to get the problem types and format right for kids that young. My email is

DeeCee said...

I'd love to see a digital breakout room that uses the properties of quadrilaterals-parallelograms, square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, trapezoid

ScaffoldedMath said...

Hi DeeCee, thank you for your comment. My email address is if you'd like to send me an email about this. I will think about how to frame the questions to ask students about quadrilaterals.

mamacassie said...

I'm thinking about making a digital escape room involving the main algebraic skills my geometry students will need second semester: Solving linear equations, solving systems of linear equations, solving proportions, and solving quadratic equations using square roots. If YOU made one instead, I'm sure I'd purchase it!

ScaffoldedMath said...

I will give this one some thought! If you'd like it when it's done, my email is I like to send them via email as a thank you for the topic idea.

Ale said...

I love these!! Is it possible to have one for solving exponential & logarithmic equations?
Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Natasha said...

Just purchased three of the digital escape rooms. I wasn't feeling well and needed to find something quick for my students to do since I was leaving school. I love that you have them for multiple subject areas in math. Can you make one for Surface Area and Volume?

ScaffoldedMath said...

Thank you, Natasha. I hope you feel better soon. Can you please send me an email? I just have a couple questions about the shapes. I'll email it to you when it's done as a thank you for the topic suggestion.

Mary Anne Hardy said...

I sent you an email about doing a possible escape room on polynomial naming & operations review. Hopefully it is something you can do. I have a bit of a short turn around time. thanks!

ScaffoldedMath said...

I hope your students enjoy the escape room, Mary Anne!

ScaffoldedMath said...

Hi Inna! I completed the solving logarithms escape room and would love to get it to you! My email is

ScaffoldedMath said...

Hi Ale! I finished the logarithmic equations digital escape room and would love to get it to you. My email is