Digital Math Escape Rooms

Wowza, what a start to the school year. To meet the new needs of your classroom, whether students are working independently in your classroom or distance learning from home, I have been converting my printable math materials to also include digital versions. You can see those here. I have also recently been creating some digital-only math activities to work in Google Slides (these can download as PowerPoints and still be interactive) and Google Forms. One of the newest activity types I've been making in Google Forms are digital math escape rooms.

digital math escape rooms

I have been getting some great feedback on these digital math escape rooms

"I've been using escape rooms from other authors. I love them but there has been some problems with the digital ones. My students were unable to access the website to see if they had the correct code. They don't have to do that with this one. It's all right there in google forms. This has been a lifesaver. I am looking forward in purchasing more of these escape rooms." -Kathleen S 

This feedback made me happy to read because it was exactly what I had hoped these digital math escape rooms would be-- engaging, easy to access for all and timesavers for teachers.

How do these digital math escape rooms work?

Each digital math escape room has been built in Google Forms with no outside links. Everything is housed within the Google Form. This way you can collect student data and never worry that a link will be blocked or broken.

Each escape room consists of 5 puzzles. In each puzzle there are 4 questions to answer. Once students answer the 4 questions, they find their answers in the answer choices grid. This will generate a 4-letter code. Entering that code into the answer box on the Form will unlock the lock. There are 5 locks to unlock.

You can see all of the digital math escape rooms I have made so far here:


I am making more each week. If there is a topic you need, I am happy to make it for you (and send it to you for free as a thank you for your suggestion). My email is or you can leave a comment here. 

Quick note: If your students do not have Google logins, but you do have access to your own Google Drive at school, you can still use these digital math escape rooms (or any Google Form). Students do not need to log into Google to complete a Google Form. As long as you can house it on your own Google Drive, you can send it as an assignment for students to complete without the need for student Google accounts.

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  1. I would love to have an escape room for all the factoring methods: GCF, grouping, a=1, a>1, special cases (perfect square trinomials, difference of two squares).

    1. You got it! I will get this on my list. Can you please send me an email so I can send it to you when done?

    2. Me, too! Would be SO helpful!