Math classroom decoration ideas

Looking for math classroom decoration ideas? In this post there are ideas for decorating elementary, middle and high school math classrooms. Includes links to free pdf posters, math word walls and other fun ideas to add to your math classroom decor.

I've written a lot about math classroom decor, but I didn't always have my classroom walls covered. It wasn't until years after starting teaching that I hung my first anchor chart. 

Since then, I have come to believe 100% in math word walls for building vocabulary, background knowledge and student confidence. And when a student needs a reminder of past material or that he or she CAN do it, it's so much easier to point to a wall reference than to stop class. Math word walls have completely changed my teaching.

Displaying Student Work on "The Fridge" wall of student math success
Our math classroom "Fridge"

In this post I wanted to show you some of the math classroom decorations that have hung in my math classroom over the years. It's all either functional or self-esteem-building.

Looking for math classroom decoration ideas? In this post there are ideas for decorating elementary, middle and high school math classrooms.

That first photo above is a bulletin board we call "The Fridge". It's where students hang their graded papers that make them feel proud. Most of the time even my juniors and seniors would rather hang their papers than bring them home. 

Scaffolded Math and Science | High School Math Word Wall Ideas

This is a part of our math word wall that is a total hodgepodge in this photo! I've since updated some parts. You can see more of my classroom word walls in the post High School Math Word Wall Ideas.

There are also some ideas for middle school in this post: Middle School Math Word Wall Ideas.

Geometry word wall | parallel lines cut by a transversal before the poster was updated (this one is made from cut paper)

For a couple years I taught Geometry and the anchor charts above became part of our Geometry word wall. The parallel lines cut by a transversal poster on the bottom faded over time. It's made from cut paper and the fluorescent lights did a number on it. 

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page updated pdf version

A couple years later when teaching a study skills class to sophomores, many of them were struggling with angle pairs in their Geometry classes. So this parallel lines cut by a transversal poster was for them. It's a good replacement for the fading cut-paper poster. Students can either use it in their notebooks as a reference or it can be enlarged for the wall. 

Algebra 1 word wall | slope and linear equations | exponent rules

Even though I haven't officially taught Algebra 1 in years, re-teaching and reviewing Algebra 1 topics in Algebra 2 is always needed. This is another hodgepodge word wall. 

It soon became clear that just having the slope formula and y=mx+b weren't enough. I found myself drawing linear graphs on the board so much to link our Algebra 2 concepts back to Algebra 1 that I needed a better math word wall reference for linear equations. So that summer came an updated version that worked much better for my students.

Algebra 1 word wall | linear equations

This linear equations reference is so simple but it has been so useful. When I introduce initial height in quadratic word problems I can easily link back to y-intercept at time 0. And when we learn about zeros. I can quickly show that the y values should be 0 when an object is back on the ground. 

Classroom math word wall photos shared by Teachers! This one is from Ms. Koehler.

Teachers have sent me so many great photos of their math word walls and seeing them all has made me so happy. I uploaded a bunch of them into the post Classroom math word wall photos shared by Teachers! This one was sent over by Ms. Koehler.

Classroom math word wall photos shared by Teachers! This one is from Ms. Paulus.

And this one by Ms. Paulus. There are so many more great ones to see in the post.

Mr. Urzua's math word wall

Mr. Urzua shared a photo of his math word wall on Instagram. I love the black background. It make everything pop!

"We are all math people!" Growth mindset poster

This "How to be a Math Person" poster is one I made recently to remind all students that we are all math people. There is a PNG image to download in that post with a link to where I had made it into a t-shirt. 

Math is for Everyone! classroom poster

Here is a Math is for Everyone! classroom poster. There are black and white versions too, for teachers with no free access to a color printer.

Back to School math pennant and glyph activity with a Golden Spiral theme

If it's the beginning of the school year, this back to school math pennant has a Golden Spiral theme. It comes with a short lesson on the Golden Ratio and optional glyph directions for students to color based on get-to-know-you questions.

It's hard to believe I have made over 100 math pennants

This slope tree is a fun way for students to show off their understanding of slope between two points while also decorating their classroom. It can be found in this post about slope.

I love classroom decor that is functional and that makes a classroom an inviting and low-stress place to learn. Knowing the references are always there for them encourages my students to take risks and independently seek help when they get stuck.

Financial Literacy word wall

I just recently put together a financial literacy word wall. This photo shows some of the pieces included.

How do you like to decorate your walls? If you're part of the Visual Math Facebook group, I'd love for you to post your photos!

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  1. Christine MichelJuly 19, 2018

    This is really intresting.. I was using the fridge posters all along which i think is effective to motivate the students but not effective to be informative.

    1. Thank you Christine! My students really seem to like seeing their work on the wall. I hope you have a great year!

  2. Thank you so it's a wonderful idea i will use it this year ....i wish i can find someone here to share with me ideas about math ....i'm from Algeria.......thanks in advance

    1. Algeria! Wow! Thank you for your comment! We have a math group on Facebook called Visual Math where teachers share ideas about teaching math to visual learners. I hope you will join!

  3. Nice indeed!
    I would love to share the walls from my classroom too. We mostly have math formula as students want to remember for solving problems.

    1. Thank you Keshab! I hope you have a wonderful school year!