Back to School pennant: A Math GLYPH

This back to school math pennant and glyph is a perfect way to start the new school year with a new group of kids. There are multiple versions of this math pennant included and glyph directions if you'd like to give more structure to the activity. The finished pennants are a colorful addition to your math classroom decor and make for a welcoming classroom.

"A glyph?" I asked myself. "What is a GLYPH?" I asked some friends and one of them knew. 

"It's like one of those things where kids color based on things they like, like they'd color the stars yellow if their favorite class is Art."

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph

"Oh I see!" Glyphs are COOL!

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph

After a teacher left feedback stating that she wished my Back to School Math Pennant was also a glyph, I decided to add student directions to turn 2 of the pennant choices into glyphs. 

Each pennant has a Golden Spiral theme. There is also a simple lesson included that ties in the Golden Ratio in nature and the Fibonacci sequence, making this activity a perfect way to start a year of math.

Kate from To The Square Inch shared this photo of her back to school math pennants on her classroom math bulletin board, and I was all heart eyes.

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph

All 7 of the pennant versions can still be used as free-coloring pennants (some have get-to-know-you questions on them like "Favorite Color", "Favorite Class", etc.) and now students can also color their pennants based on their answers to a set of student questions.

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph

You can find this Back to School Math Pennant here

Happy Back to School Season!

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  1. Yes! Visual, student-specific interactive display! Getting this now!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a great school year!