Fun activities for teaching teens financial literacy

Looking for activities to teach teens financial literacy? In this post I share some of the activities I use to teach my consumer math class, including a few few resources to get started teaching financial literacy today.

A couple years ago, one of my juniors would talk everyday about wanting an after school job. When I pressed for the reason he didn't yet have a job, he said, "I'm afraid I'll mess up the register."

It got me thinking about all of my students and how many kids had this same reason for not having a job.

Classroom math word wall photos shared by Teachers!

Here are a bunch of classroom math word wall photos shared by Teachers!

Making math word walls brings me so much joy, and seeing them in your classrooms is just so incredible. Thank you so so so much for sending these wonderful photos to me. 

10 simple steps to create a self-grading Google Form

10 simple steps to create a self-grading Google Form

Who doesn't love self-grading math activities? Time grading can become so endless, but students need that feedback in order to grow as learners. Enter self-checking Google Forms!

Multiplication Cheat Sheet

Multiplication Cheat Sheet

One of my favorite things to do - and this is going to sound funny - is make math cheat sheets

When I'm making them I imagine kids struggling with a certain concept or algorithm and being completely stressed out about it. Then I imagine my cheat sheet maybe helping alleviate some of that pressure. This is what drives the work I do. I know that anxiety pretty well and it's no fun.

Multiplication Cheat Sheet

Which Mathematician Was Born on Your Birthday?

When I first started teaching and was more willing to grant extra credit assignments to students who asked for them, one of my favorite go-to sites was Mathematician's Anniversaries Throughout the Year from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.