Math is for Everyone! Poster

Here is a free poster celebrating that Math is for Everyone! You can download it from the dropbox link in the post.

This is a super short post just so that I can share this Math is for Everyone! poster. I've been loving all of the Black History doors on Instagram (have you seen this Hidden Figures inspired door?). 

A free pdf poster download celebrating that Math is for Everyone! You can download it from the dropbox link in the post.

A teacher asked if I had any math pennants for Black History month. I don't, but her question got me thinking about a math-themed poster that celebrates us all being Math People.

You can download this free poster from my dropbox here: MATH IS FOR EVERYONE! poster

How to be a Math Person poster

Back in the summer I had made this How to be a Math Person poster. You can find this one for free in this post.

I hope you are having a wonderful school year! 

Amazing math games your students will love

Looking for math games that students will love? This growing list of math games for kids includes some free online math games, some pdf printables, and some math games that are new to me! Elementary, middle school and high school students alike will love playing the games in this post! Math games include, Set. KenKen, Connect 4, Blitz Champz, Blokus, Sum of Which, Can You Make It?, Prime Climb, 4 Numbers, 2048 and Mobi Math.

When you need a math game, you need a math game. Some days in math class - days before vacations, early release days, days when half the class is out testing, catch up days - there's a real possibility all heck will break loose without a backup plan!

Gone are the days of popping in a movie on these hectic days. Now it's all about rigor and time on task. But this doesn't mean there is no wiggle room.  Students can still have fun while at the same time continuing to exercise those rapidly growing math brains. 

Matholution Math Pennant Photos Shared by Teachers!

Especially now that I am home and feeling a bit disconnected from the classroom, one of my favorite things is being sent or tagged in photos of your classrooms. 

KenKen Puzzles Make Math Fun!

KenKen puzzles are a FUN and FREE way for students to have fun developing their mathematical reasoning and number sense skills.

I love math games that naturally bring out kids' mathematical reasoning. KenKen puzzles are perfect for this. As warm ups or early finisher activities, KenKen puzzles allow students to explore their number sense while also having fun. So without further ado, here is Alexander from KenKen with a guest post he so graciously wrote for us.

"My New Year Matholution!" math pennant activity to set New Year's resolutions in math class

Looking for a way to set new year's goals in math class? This math pennant is in the shape of a new year's horn and allows students to write out their goals and get a little creative decorating their math classrooms. The math pennants then act as reminders of their new year goals.

As adults we love making New Year's resolutions and goals for changing our lives in the new year. I'm going to hit the gym, eat healthier, stretch more, turn my phone off at night. A new year represents a fresh new start and who doesn't love that?