Printable Math Escape Rooms

Printable Math Escape Rooms

"Can the digital math escape rooms be printed?"

No, they're only in Google Forms. YES!

Over the next few months, I'll be updating each digital math escape room to also include a printable version in its file. If you want a day without computers, a student has a print-only accommodation, or if you'd just like access to both printable and digital, you'll now have that choice in the same file.

Solving 2-Step Equations Digital Math Escape Room

The questions will be the same between the digital math escape rooms and their printable updates. The formatting of the printable math escape rooms will be similar to their Google Forms versions, with a couple small changes. 

Finding Slope Digital Math Escape Room

First, all color will be removed so that they can be easily printed at school. 

Printable math escape rooms answer sheet

Each will also have an answer sheet with directions and spaces for each puzzle's 4-letter code.

Printable math escape rooms next step box

I also wanted to keep some self-checking component like the digital versions have, so each printable puzzle will have a NEXT STEP box. 

Here's a closeup of how a digital math escape room puzzle compares to its new printable version:

Area, Perimeter and Volume Digital Math Escape Room
puzzle 1 - area, perimeter, volume digital math escape room

Above is puzzle #1 of an area, perimeter and volume digital math escape room. The digital version is completely contained in one self-checking Google Form. 

Here is the same puzzle's printable version:

Area, Perimeter and Volume Digital Math Escape Room printable PDF version
puzzle #1 - area, perimeter, volume printable PDF version

Both versions are in the same file. Re-downloads are free to get the updated file.

Students can start on any of the 5 puzzles, they don't all have to start on puzzle #1. This will make it easy for you to have students work together in groups. Students are directed to answer all 4 questions in their first puzzle, record their 4-letter answer code onto their answer sheet, then check the puzzle's NEXT STEP box to see which puzzle to visit next. This part of the escape room works a bit like a scavenger hunt.

The covers of the updated math escape rooms will have a small yellow circle a green "print and digital" tag to show they have been updated. The covers will also say "escape room" instead of "digital escape".


TO GO: 61

All bundles on both TPT and my website will be updated with the new versions. If you own any of these escape rooms or the bundles they are in, you can re-download them for free from either site to get the updates.


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