Using Algebra Tiles in Middle School Math

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Inside this pack of algebra tiles printables is everything you need to bring algebra tiles into your middle school math classroom, including: 

⬢ Printable double-sided algebra tiles with + and - sides

⬢ Printable mats for: 
 -solving equations, 
 -simplifying expressions, 
 -adding, subtracting multiplying and dividing integers, 
 -multiplying polynomials and 
 -factoring quadratics 

When in the classroom, the mats in this download can be placed inside page protectors so that students can write on them with dry-erase markers as they practice with their tiles. 

When teaching remotely, the algebra tiles can be used during lessons to model the topics covered. 

I like using algebra tiles as a way to "prove" to students that numbers are concrete and can be manipulated, much like building blocks! I like to use them as part of an introduction of a topic to give students a different perspective on the math we are learning. 

*These resources were originally part of the Moving Math Forward conference held remotely in July 2020.

Algebra Tiles Printables download

Fall 2020:

The Moving Math Forward virtual conference is back for the fall. I know this is probably the busiest time of your entire teaching career. The fall conference videos will be available to watch for 2 months after the conference's start date (October 5, 2020). You can get a ticker for 1, 2 or all 3 days. More about the fall conference can be found here: Fall 2020 Moving Math Forward virtual conference

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