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I put together a library of 7 math resources (the list is below) that I'd love to send to you. The library includes task cards, Google activities, math word wall references and a math pennant. 

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Slope Tasks Mystery Message w/ GOOGLE Form 

Divisibility Rules Math Pennant 

 GCF & LCM Word Wall Reference

Order of Operations (PEMDAS) Mobile 

Prime Factors Math Word Wall Reference

Multiply & Divide Integers Partner Scavenger Hunt w/ GOOGLE Slides

Solving Radicals Solve 'n Check! Math Tasks w/ GOOGLE Form

What are Solve 'n Check Math Tasks?

What are Partner Scavenger Hunts?

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Math word walls | Scaffolded Math and Science
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Math pennants | Scaffolded Math and Science
math pennants

digital math activities
digital math activities

holiday math pennants

Voyage to the Treasure! math games
Voyage to the Treasure! math games

The math cheat sheets linked in this post are all free
math cheat sheets

math templates

In this post are resources to download and to check out that help with number sense.
number sense

My friend Kara from Learning Made Radical and I have created these new partner scavenger hunts to engage student learning and encourage collaboration.
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math classroom decoration ideas

Visual Math Facebook group
Visual Math Facebook Group

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