Consumer Math

Here you'll find ideas and materials for teaching a high school consumer math, personal finance or financial literacy course, including a printable curriculum, a big bundle of activities, a vocabulary word wall, and more.

Scaffolded Consumer Math Curriculum teacher's edition
Scaffolded Consumer Math Curriculum

This comprehensive consumer math curriculum includes a printable student book, student notebook sheets for building an interactive notebook, a teacher's book, PowerPoint notes, editable quizzes, warm-ups and all answer keys. It currently includes 18 units, and the income taxes unit is updated yearly. Redownloads are free.

Curriculum topics include: wants vs. needs, checks and registers, wages and salary, bank accounts, budgeting, credit cards, credit score, discounts and coupons, sales tax and tip, percent change, unit prices, income taxes, car loans, mortgages, student loans, investing, car insurance, and health insurance.

financial literacy word wall
Financial Literacy Word Wall

This financial literacy word wall includes visuals of all the vocabulary your students will learn. Some teachers display all of the pieces at once, while other teachers choose to display current topics and swap them out throughout the year. The word wall comes in printable color, printable black and white, and no-prep digital in Google Slides all in the same file.

Consumer Math Activities Bundle
Consumer Math Activities Bundle

This big consumer math activities bundle includes engaging printable and digital activities that build personal financial literacy skills. Use code SAVE25 to save $25 when purchasing the curriculum and activities bundle together.

Fun financial literacy activity ideas
Fun financial literacy activity ideas

Fun activities for teaching teens financial literacy - This packed blog post includes links to activities for building financial literacy in teens.

1040 income tax task cards activity
How to file a 1040 income tax return

Teaching teens how to file a 1040 tax return - This post shares a 1040 cheat sheet and links to a set of task cards that teach students how to file federal income taxes. Both are updated every year.

Budget project
Budget Project

There are 576 possible career-home-car-habit combinations in this budget project as students mix and match their choices and calculate their budgets. 

Unit price task cards
Unit price task cards

There is a free set of unit price task cards in my blog's free math resource library.

Buy a Car Project
Buy a Car Project

In this car buying project, students learn about the costs associated with buying and owning their own car. Students choose a car from 6 choices, and a bank loan from 4 choices, and calculate all costs.