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This post is a collection of free printable math cheat sheets for tricky math topics. Some I made for my own students, others came from teacher requests. Students can slip them into their binders or you can enlarge them to make anchor charts as part of your math classroom setup (directions to do this are linked below). Every math cheat sheet in this post is free. Some also now include links to short video tutorials that can be sent to students who are absent, assigned in a flipped classroom or referenced as an added support during homework.

This post has been a long time in the making. It's a collection of free math cheat sheets that you can print and give to students. Some I made for my own students, others came from teacher requests. Students can slip them into their binders or you can enlarge them to make anchor charts as part of your math classroom setup (directions to do this are linked below). Every math cheat sheet in this post is free. Some also now include links to short video tutorials. 

A collection free math cheat sheet pdf printables that can be given to students for their math notebooks or enlarged into anchor charts.

I started writing this post in 2017 with the math reference sheets I was making for my algebra 2 students. Since then, I've added a bunch of new sheets, mainly for students in algebra and algebra 2, and some for younger kids based on teacher requests.

Algebra word wall - print and digital
Algebra word wall

Word walls are my favorite classroom support because they support learning throughout the year. The cheat sheets in this post can easily be enlarged into posters and added to your classroom wall. Over the years, I've made math word walls for 2nd grade through algebra 2, along with some extras for financial literacy, 3-D shapes, area and the unit circle. Each now comes in printable color, printable black and white and no-prep digital in Google Slides. All 3 formats are included in each file.

How to enlarge any of these math cheat sheet pdfs into a poster or anchor chart, for free!
How to enlarge any pdf for free

Below are links to the math cheat sheets on my blog. Clicking on the photos will bring you to their posts where the sheets can be downloaded for free. Some posts include videos that help explain the math processes.

Math Cheat Sheets

Standard Form Quadratics

Graphing Vertex Form Quadratics cheat sheet
vertex form quadratics

Complex Solutions in Quadratics Shown Graphically
complex solutions in quadratics

graphing radical functions

Graphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet
graphing log functions

Graphing Exponential Functions Cheat Sheet
graphing exponential functions

Graphing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Cheat Sheet
graphing linear equations

graphing linear inequalities in standard form cheat sheet
graphing linear inequalities in standard form

Long Division Cheat Sheet
long division algorithm

multiplication math cheat sheet
multiplication algorithm

Language of Math poster for translating word problems
language of math poster

Integer Operations Graphic Organizer
integers graphic organizer

Polynomial Long Division cheat sheet
polynomial long division

Polynomial synthetic division cheat sheet
synthetic division

Complex Numbers | Patterns of i
Patterns of i

Solving Equations Graphic Organizer
solving equations graphic organizer

Teaching Polynomial Sketching and graphing reference sheet
graphing polynomials

1040 Income Tax Cheat Sheet for Kids
income tax 1040 form

Exponential Functions Flowchart
exponential functions flowchart

Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions
graphing factored form quadratics

Graphing absolute value functions cheat sheet
graphing absolute value functions

Quadratics Posters
quadratic keywords

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page
parallel lines cut by a transversal

Graphing Rational Functions Reference Sheet
graphing rational functions

Projectile Motion Posters for a quadratics word problems unit
projectile motion

Slope Poster for your classroom
slope poster

Algebra and algebra 2 have always been my favorite subjects to teach, and it makes me happy to think that the cheat sheets in this post may help students with these courses. I hope that they become a helpful support in your classroom.

Algebra Activities Bundle with digital updates
Algebra activities bundle w/ digital updates

Every print and digital algebra activity I've made over the years is included in this big bundle of 125+ algebra activities. Through my experience as both a special and general education high school math teacher, I have learned that all students need interactive activities that hit the standards, are the right amount of challenging, offer opportunities to collaborate and build math confidence. This big bundle is always being updated with additional algebra resources and updates to the bundle are always free. This bundle includes my algebra word wall in print and digital.

Algebra 2 Activities Bundle with digital updates
Algebra 2 bundle w/ digital updates

If you teach algebra 2, this algebra 2 bundle contains print and digital algebra 2 activities, along with an algebra 2 word wall in print and digital. 

Conceptual understanding is important and we all want all kids to get there. Until they do, some kids need help. To me, math is not about memorization; it's about confidence, perseverance and knowing how to access information. Cheat sheets temporarily help eliminate road blocks to that information.


  1. Help. I can't find the math cheat sheets...I keep circling around. I'd really like to see them.

    1. If you click on the blue "MATH CHEAT SHEETS" in this post you will be taken to all of my posts with math cheat sheets in them.

    2. I don't see the blue math cheat sheets that you mention.

    3. Sorry about that. I replaced the link with the thumbnail images to every post with cheat sheets so that they would all fit on one web page.

  2. That is a lot of clicking. Wow! You sure have a lot of stuff!! Super Job!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I hope you have a great year!

  3. I'd like a copy of the integer operations cheat sheet, but can't figure out how to download it. Help!

    1. It's listed on Teachers pay Teachers as "Integers Graphic Organizer", but there are a lot of them so I am happy to email it to you. My email is And I apologize for just getting back to you now... Blogger's comment notifaction emails have been broken (just learned that today!)

  4. Would love to see a graphing a linear and/or proportional relationship cheat sheet.

    1. Thank you Michelle! I hope to create one by mid September. It will be linked here.

  5. I don't se any blue link to the math cheat sheets, can you help?

    1. Hi Marty, thank you for your comment. For any of the sheets you see in the post, just click on its picture (avoiding the Pinterest icon) and you’ll be taken to its post.

  6. These are wonderful! Thank you!

    1. My pleasure! I hope you are having a great school year!

  7. Hey. You so many AMAZING things on this site, but I'm having a little trouble downloading the PDF version of all these pictures. Could maybe help me out a little, please?

    1. Hi Nazeeya, if you click on one of the images, it will bring you to a post where you can download the sheet for free. If you are having trouble, please send me an email and I can help.

    2. Hey. Thank you so much. I should have looked harder. So sorry for all the hassle. Thank you again:)

    3. No apology needed:) I hope you are having a great year.

  8. Do you have any Quick Checks or Cheat Sheets on transformations of quadratics? I really liked how your Exponential Function Quick Check has it where they are comparing between the parent function and the function they are given; and your Graphing Exponential/Log Functions sheet shows them how it was transformed from the parent. Thanks for all the Freebies, they are great references/notes/exit tickets/posters for students!

  9. Hi Courtney! I do have cheat sheets for quadratics. The setup is a little different as they are older. In this post is a link to the ones we'd use in class (cheat sheet link in blue):

  10. Love Love your word walls. I was wondering is their a wall for polynomials. It's not in Algebra 1 and I purchased? Also, is it possible to add to the slides when something is missing? thanks! You are great, if I forgot that part...

    1. Thank you for your kind words! As a coincidence, I am taking new photos of the Algebra 2 word wall today to make the virtual version and just photographed the polynomials section. It's just for sketching polynomials, so may not be what you need. But please email if there is something you had in mind.

  11. This is a really awesome resource. Thank you SO much!

    1. It's really my pleasure. If you need a topic covered, I'd love to help. I have very much enjoyed making these math reference sheets and videos.

  12. Help, I am looking for your math word problem table, and I can't seem to find it. It helps students break the problem down to be able to solve it.

    1. I’m not 100% sure which this is. Can you please send me an email?

  13. Hi Shana,
    Your math posters help my students a lot!
    You are the best !!

    1. So awesome to hear this! I hope you are having a good year!