Solving Equations Graphic Organizer

Have students who struggle with solving equations with variables on one side or both sides? This solving equations graphic organizer can help catch those students up to speed and get them independently solving equations.

Solving equations can be super frustrating for students. They'll try combining terms over the = sign, get confused with the order of the steps or not even know how to get started at all. 

I made this solving equations graphic organizer while teaching mainstream 11th grade Algebra 2 in Boston.

Some of my students kept making mistakes when solving equations and were getting really down about it. I needed to give them something that not only helped with equation solving but also with self-esteem

solving equations graphic organizer

Instead of like terms, this graphic organizer first focuses on the + and - signs, which are visually much easier to find. From there, a series of questions guides students through the equation solving process, depending on which side of the = sign has variables. 

Even though this tool was originally meant for intervention, it has become the way I teach and re-teach equation solving because of how quickly it catches even my most struggling learners up to speed. 

Once my students can independently solve equations their attitudes towards algebra start to improve. There's nothing better than witnessing a kid's confidence grow as he or she gets stronger in math.

To keep that confidence going, I have a bunch of fun activities for solving equations in my TpT store. The one above is a 2-step solving equations pennant that is free by subscribing hereStudents hang their finished work as math-themed classroom decor. 

I recently started making partner scavenger hunt activities to get students working together. This one is a 2-step equations partner scavenger hunt. There is more info about partner scavenger hunts in this post

You can browse more equations pennants, ornaments, partner scavenger hunts and other fun equation activities here: solving equations activities on TpT.

The solving equations graphic organizer can be found free here.

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  1. I absolutely love your ideas! Even a middle school student needs activities that they can color and display proudly! Thank you for making my job easier!

    1. Yes, I agree! Even high schoolers like to color! I hope you have the best year!

  2. I used the pennant activity above last year, and the kids LOVED it, (7th grade) they even wanted the harder 2 step equations !

    1. Oh yay! That is great to hear! I do have a couple multi-step math pennants in my tpt store. One involves distribution and the other does not include this step. I hope you are having a great year! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to comment. It means a lot!