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Math Word Wall Frequently Asked Questions

Math word wall frequently asked questions - Scaffolded Math and Science

In this post I'll answer some of the questions I have been asked about math word walls. If you have any questions I haven't covered, I'd love to hear from you!

Middle School Math Word Wall Ideas

Middle school math word wall ideas - Scaffolded Math and Science
Middle School Math Word Wall Ideas

For a year between teaching mainstream high school math and teaching special education high school math, I tried teaching middle school. My husband and I had moved further out from the city, the job was listed as an 8th grade Algebra position, I love Algebra, it was closer to my new apartment, what could go wrong?

5 Ways Math Word Walls Have Changed My Teaching

5 Ways Math Word Walls Changed My Teaching - Scaffolded Math and Science
5 ways math word walls changed my teaching

Adding visual math word walls to my classroom completely changed the way my students were able to access our math vocabulary. The way I taught and was able to reach my students also changed. I could now get students back on track faster when they were confused and always had access to reminders of past material to point to in the middle of new lessons. 

A Math Word Wall PEMDAS Mobile

Some ideas seem so simple but for some reason have details that take forever to work out. This PEMDAS mobile was one of those ideas. 

UPDATE! There are now letters included to make a GEMDAS, GEMS, BIMDAS or BEMDAS mobile instead.

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page

Parallel lines cut by a transversal poster and coloring page- Scaffolded Math and Science
parallel lines cut by a transversal

This year I am teaching a Study Skills class for the first time. All of my students in the class are sophomores, which means they are all taking Geometry. Recently, they're all learning about parallel lines, transversals and angle relationships and I have been finding that I really need a visual for them to reference. 

Language of Math poster

Free language of math poster - Scaffolded Math and Science
Language of Math poster

We hardly give a thought to words like "is", "and", "less", and "of", but these words mean so much in math! This Language of Math poster has helped my Algebra students so much over the years. 

One of the hardest things in Algebra - or any math course, really - are word problems. Once students see that word problems can be directly translated into symbols, and that those symbols turn into solvable equations, Algebra really starts to make sense! I made this Language of Math poster to help students translate word problems into equations to solve. Here is the version I printed for my classroom:

Language of Math poster

I used colorful paper to make a border. You can make this poster even larger by following the directions in this post on making free posters

Language of Math poster on a math word wall

The original poster has followed me for over 10 years. You can see it above in this photo of one of our classroom math word walls. Here's a closeup:

Language of Math poster on a math word wall

This poster has stayed with me for so long because it works! I can point to it when a problem uses words like "and", "is at least", and my favorite "of". 

I love "of" because it puts all sorts of multiplication problems into context. For example, in Consumer Math we work with a whole lot of percentages. When we take "20 percent of $300", knowing that "of" means multiply gives the problem so much more meaning. 

Math gets a lot easier and meaningful when students begin to see it as a translatable language. So many of my students already speak Spanish or Portuguese, this is just like that!

Algebraic Reasoning Pennant for translating expressions in algebra

For practice with translating, this algebraic reasoning math pennant lets students practice translating expressions like, "Ten more than the product of 7 and 3". The pennants then become a fun way to display student understanding while decorating their classroom with their work. 

You can download the Language of Math poster for free here

You can also see more of the math word walls in my classroom in this post.

math word wall ideas

High School Math Word Wall Ideas

High school math word wall ideas - Scaffolded Math and Science
high school math word wall ideas

Adding a math word wall to my classroom completely changed my teaching. A couple years before making the jump to teaching high school special education math, I taught mainstream Algebra and Algebra 2 in Boston. 

4 Important Things to Include on an Algebra 2 Word Wall

Algebra 2 Word Wall - Scaffolded Math and Science
4 Important Things to Include on an Algebra 2 Word Wall

The first thing I hear when telling people I teach Algebra 2 is, "Whoa, that must be hard!", or something along these lines. If you teach high school, you know that high school kids are just little kids in big bodies who usually have even bigger emotions. But I have found that they sometimes like to hide these emotions deep, deep down and that this is especially true in math.

What I want to tell people when they ask what I do for a living is "boost kids' feelings towards Math". Can I make that an official title? All jokes aside, I take this part of my job very seriously. Word walls in my classroom are an essential extension of my teaching. Kids say the darndest things! They also ask the most random questions. And when they do, I am able to quickly point at a reference on our math word wall.