Polynomial Long Division in Algebra 2

Are your Algebra 2 students struggling with polynomials and polynomial long division? There is a free PDF cheat sheet in this post that can be downloaded, printed and given to students for their notebooks. The sheet can also be enlarged for a math word wall.

A while back I shared a reference sheet for students learning how to divide polynomials using synthetic division. We focus on this method in our Algebra 2 class, but because polynomial long division is in the standards, I thought to also make a reference sheet to help students with this method.

Students should start at the "start here" arrow with step 1. 

"What's missing to make x multiply to get x^3?" 

Oh! 2 x's! 

So an x^2 goes up top. Students then multiply this x^2 by x+2, subtract, bring down and start the process over again.

You can find this reference sheet for polynomial long division here


Polynomial Sketching Quick Check Sheet


  1. thank you very much....your free downloadable items helped me a lot in sourcing out sheets for my math class