Polynomial Long Division in Algebra 2

Are your Algebra 2 students struggling with polynomials and polynomial long division? There is a free PDF cheat sheet in this post that can be downloaded, printed and given to students for their notebooks. The sheet can also be enlarged for a math word wall.

A while back I shared a reference sheet for students learning how to divide polynomials using synthetic division. We focus on this method in our Algebra 2 class, but because polynomial long division is in the standards, I thought to also make a reference sheet to help students with this method.

Students should start at the "start here" arrow with step 1. 

"What's missing to make x multiply to get x^3?" 

Oh! 2 x's! 

So an x^2 goes up top. Students then multiply this x^2 by x+2, subtract, bring down and start the process over again.

You can find this reference sheet for polynomial long division here


Polynomial Sketching Quick Check Sheet

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