Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities Cheat Sheets

graphing linear equations and inequalities

At some point I will update this post with videos on how to graph linear equations and inequalities, but for now (and maybe to put the pressure on myself to get those videos done soon), I wanted to at least share the two cheat sheets I've made recently for these two topics.

Image of a graphing linear equations in slope intercept form math cheat sheet

The first is this graphing linear equations cheat sheet. It covers how to graph linear equations in slope-intercept form through two examples. The first example shows the basic steps when graphing a linear equation from a table when slope that is a positive integer. The second example extends to when slope is a fraction. Because the worksheet uses tables, students should be able to use it as a guide to when slope is negative. You can fond this graphing linear equations cheat sheet free here.

Image of a graphing linear inequalities in two variables math cheat sheet

The second is this graphing linear inequalities cheat sheet. It covers graphing inequalities in standard form. Because shading can get a little weird when graphing standard-form inequalities, the sheet walks students through setting up a table to find x and y intercepts, evaluating to find those intercepts, plotting the intercepts and then testing (0, 0) to determine which way to shade. In the example on the worksheet, we end up shading the opposite way from what it initially seems when we first see the inequality. You can find this graphing linear inequalities cheat sheet free here.

If you have students struggling with graphing equations and inequalities, I hope they find these sheets helpful. You can see all of my math cheat sheets here.

Linear equations and inequalities activities: 

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