3 Pi Day activities (and 10 Pi Day Facts)

Looking for a fun math activity to celebrate Pi Day? In this post I share three Pi Day math activities and 10 fun Pi Day facts to share with students.

It's almost Pi Day! Here are a few Fun Facts about pi and Pi Day that would be fun to share with students on this great Math holiday:

1: It took 1,000 years to prove pi irrational.

2: The first people to refer to the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle were the Ancient Egyptians.

3: "I prefer pi" is a palindrome.

4: Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879.

5: 22/7 is sometimes used to estimate pi.

6: The first major Pi Day celebration was in 1988.

7: Pi has been calculated past the two quadrillionth digit. 

8: P and pi are both the 16th letters in their alphabets.

9: You can likely find your phone number in pi. Here's the site that searches for it: http://angio.net/pi/. I found mine!

10: And the one that completely blows my mind: 3.14 backwards is PIE!

Pi Day pennant

To celebrate Pi Day, I created three fun activities that let kids get artsy while not losing a day of learning. That one above is a Pi Day Pennant for middle and high school students with area and circumference problems and fun pi facts on each pennant. 

Pi Day pennant -- metric version

Some of the circle problems ask students to combine their understanding of the two circle formulas by finding area given circumference, for example. A fun challenge! There is also this metric version.

Pi day pennant for younger students

And here is a Pi Day pennant for middle school with less challenging circle problems any yummy fun-to-color pies. 

When the pennants are solved and colored, they can be hung along a string in your classroom to celebrate!

Pi Day mobiles hanging in a classroom

My friend Julia from Teacher Julia's Resources sent me this great photos of her students' Pi Day mobiles hanging from their classroom ceiling. Here's another photo from her classroom:

Pi Day activities

I bundled all 3 of the activities in this post (plus the metric version of the Pi Day pennant) in this discounted Pi Day Activities Bundle.

Pi Day Activities Bundle
Pi Day Activities Bundle

I also started making pi earrings and would love to make you a pair! More about them can be found here: pi earrings

Happy Pi Day!

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  1. The pi day activity #10 isn't "backwards" its a reflection about a veetical line. An even better math activity.

  2. I just wish Pi Day didn't land on spring break every year.

    1. Around here we get a February break and an April break...March is a long haul! Happy vacation Pi Day! :)