1040 Income Tax Cheat Sheet

I recently posted on Instagram about doing my students' taxes. All of my seniors, most of whom have after school jobs, learned how to file a 1040 income tax return in our Consumer Math class. 

Still, some feel nervous about doing the "real thing". The idea that my students aren't getting their tax refunds because the process is so confusing really bothers me. 

Nevermind that wage theft is a major issue anyway, lots of people are leaving even more money on the table because of how confusing our tax code is. It's not right.

Filing taxes is so daunting! This cheat sheet helps students through the IRS 1040 form so that they can file their taxes and get the tax refund they are entitled to receive. This Free 1040 income tax cheat sheet pdf download for teaching financial literacy walks students through IRS form 1040 so that they can feel more confident filing their federal income taxes.

During our income taxes unit, we learn how to file a federal 1040 tax return to move past the paperwork intimidation. I want my students to be comfortable filing their taxes so that they get the money back that they are owed. 

Even figuring out Turbo Tax was enough to deter one student from getting his tax refund two years in a row! He was owed close to $1,000 by the time we did his federal and state returns for both years.

1040 cheat sheet for improving financial literacy

It is important to me to teach my students how to file their taxes with a 1040. This way they are empowered to get their refunds without paying anyone to do their taxes for them. My students deserve to get their money back. 

On this 1040 income tax cheat sheet, 
I focused solely on the lines of a 1040 that students need to fill out in order to get their refund. I made this sheet for students, parents and teachers who want to help their kids get their money back. 

Here is a 1040 video tutorial that walks through filling out a 1040 tax form for a dependent. It covers the needed forms, the information that goes on each line of the 1040, and how to use the 1040 cheat sheet. 

Consumer Math Activities Bundle
Consumer Math Activities Bundle

I think all kids should know at least the basics about paying taxes, balancing a checkbook, finding sale prices and tips, so I made a set of Consumer Math activities that teach these skills. 

>> You can download the 1040 cheat sheet for free here. It's been updated for the April 2024 tax season.

I also have a new, printable consumer math curriculum available. 

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