Systems of Equations Quick Check Sheet

This free pdf quick check sheet is a perfect way to evaluate student understanding of systems of equations. It's super versatile!  The sheet can be used for graphing linear equations and even nonlinear functions!

This quick check sheet is pretty versatile. I give students a system of any 2 functions, they solve algebraically and also graph. 

Here is an example of a problem we did in class to link graphing radicals to solving systems involving radicals. Next we'll set radicals equal to linear equations. They make warm ups and checks for understanding so easy. 

Systems of Equations Pennant {elimination & substitution}

And if you're looking for some fun activities for systems of equations, you may be interested in this systems of equations pennant activity.

Systems of Equations Pennant {graphing}

There is also one for graphing systems of equations and a bundle that's discounted. 

Systems of Equations WORD PROBLEMS

These systems of equations task cards can be used as a low-stress assessment of how well students can build and solve systems of equations.  

My friend Kara from Learning Made Radical and I have been working on a new set of partner scavenger hunts. This one here is a mixed review of solving systems by elimination and substitution.

Systems of Equations partner scavenger hunt activity

You can download the free systems of equations quick check here

I made a bunch more free quick check sheets for Algebra and Algebra 2 that we use all the time in class as warm ups and checks for understanding (both graded and ungraded).

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