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Free slope poster pdf for your algebra classroom: Scaffolded Math and Science
Free slope poster pdf download for your classroom math word wall

The math word wall in my classroom has completely changed my teaching. When I can quickly point at an example of a reference hanging on the wall, I can move a student quickly through his or her confusion and keep my class on track. 

Students can always independently access information they need, leading them to feel more independent and confident. More than any thing else, adding a math word wall to my classroom has made the biggest difference in my teaching. 

Algebra word wall

My math word wall started with a few Geometry and Algebra 2 references. A couple years later, I started adding Algebra 1 references. 

Even though Algebra 1 was not taught in my classroom, I kept finding myself drawing linear functions on the board whenever introducing a new nonlinear function in Algebra 2 and how to find its "slope", zeros, y-intercept and equation. Above is collage of photos from the algebra word wall hanging in my classroom. 

The post Fun Ideas for Learning and Teaching Slope has ideas for teaching slope with links to task cards, a sorting activity, a slope tree, slope pennants and a free slope puzzle. 

slope task cards activity

I also love, love, love templates like the Algebra 1 template below. 

free Algebra warm up template

We use them in my Algebra 2 class all the time for warm ups and quick checks for understanding. I give a graph or one of the other fields and my students fill in the rest. 

free slope poster for your classroom

You can find a free download of the slope poster here.

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