Fun Slope Activity Ideas

Are you searching for fun algebra ideas for teaching and reviewing slope? In this post are a bunch of slope activities for 8th grade math and algebra including a free pdf slope activity.

Slope is one of those super important Algebra topics that just keeps coming around. It even shows up years later in Calculus! I love teaching all topics with tons of activities that get students thinking independently and working with each other. This way everyone gets the practice they need to feel confident.

Every year, our slope and linear equation review in Algebra 2 is a little brutal. I'm convinced that when the word "slope" comes up, my students immediately shut off because they have heard it - a thousand times - before. Then I'll get x on top of y, errors with negative signs, graphed x and y intercepts instead of y intercepts and slope. You name it, I see it. Why? From seeing this same thing year after year, I really think it comes down to how well they pick it up the very first time they see it. 

Are you searching for fun algebra ideas for teaching and reviewing slope? In this post are a bunch of slope activities for 8th grade math and algebra including a free pdf slope activity.

Fun Slope Activities 

Below are some activities that make slope accessible and fun for all students. (There's also a free slope activity included).

slope sorting activity

I love sorting activities because they give students lots of confidence in the very early stages of learning a new topic. There are finite categories and answers, so students can rely a little on process of elimination. This can often be the boost kids need to push themselves through tough topics. 

One of my classes this year responds really well to scavenger hunts. If you have never done a scavenger hunt, the idea is pretty simple. Students do the big problem on each slip of paper, record their answer on their answer sheet, then find their answer on the smaller box on another slip of paper. This goes on until all problems are done. 

I hang the papers in random order in the room or in the hall outside of our classroom. The very best thing about scavenger hunts is how super easy they are to grade! Students can start on any slip of paper. From there, the slip number order on correct answer sheets will all be the same! A super quick scan of the side of a student's answer sheet reveals if they got all problems correct. Students also know immediately if they did something wrong because their scavenger hunt will "short circuit" back to a problem they have already done. I added some QR code hints on some of the trickier problems. 

Comparing slope foldable

Slope can give students some trouble, so I made this comparing slope foldable for students to compare and contrast slopes and to see that the same slopes can be depicted in different ways. 

I don't give many tests, which I know may be controversial. What I give instead to summarize understanding are task cards. The way I see it is that I answer so many questions during tests - and then feel guilty about it - that I might as well use the time to give a learning activity where questions are welcomed. 

The other big reason I don't give many tests is that most of my students have failed math tests repeatedly and I just don't wan to be part of that for them. Task cards work great as a way to sum up learning in a low-stress way. This set of task cards includes a fun mystery message.

Slope Tree

If you know you're going to be out, or it's the day before a vacation, or you're just in need of some classroom brightening, this slope tree doubles as math classroom decor. 

Slope Tree

I took this photo of a sample at home and it's still hanging on my wall months later! 

Slope math pennant

Math pennants are another great way to engage students and also build classroom decor for days leading up to conferences, Back to School night or holidays. Students love seeing their work displayed, especially when they can personalize it with colors.

Slope math pennant

If your students like showing off their creativity, I have a bunch more math pennants in this post

slope puzzle activity

This is a quick puzzle with 16 pieces that covers positive, negative, zero and undefined slopes. Students can cut out the pieces themselves, which are all mixed up on the printout. 

Slope Activities Bundle

Because every class and every year is different, this bundle of slope activities includes activities from this post as a Jeopardy-style game, an "I Have Who Has?" game, an additional set of slope task cards, a set of slope notes and a slope quiz. 

partner scavenger hunt activity - slope between 2 points
Slope Partner Scavenger Hunt

My friend Kara from Learning Made Radical and I have recently started working together on a new type of partner activity. They are partner scavenger hunts where students work on unique problems that yield the same answers.

The one above is a slope partner scavenger huntIf partners find the same slope between the unique points they are given, then they know that their work is correct. If their answers differ, then partners can help each other find mistakes. This activity was recently updated with an interactive Google Slides digital version.

Rate of Change Solve 'n Check Task Cards

I wanted to make an activity that would be self-checking to increase student independence (and cut down on grading) and finally came up with these Solve 'n Check task cards. This set covers rate of change in tables, graphs, coordinates and equations. The equations are only included in cards 11-20, in case you have students who aren't there yet. There are 2 versions of the answer sheet included-- one for all 20 cards and one for just the first 10 cards for a shorter activity.

I hope you have a great school year!

Are you searching for fun algebra ideas for teaching and reviewing slope? In this post are a bunch of slope activities for 8th grade math and algebra including a free pdf slope activity.

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