Voyage to the Treasure! collaborative math games

Are you looking for a fun math game that students can play to review what they have learned in class? Voyage to the Treasure! is a new collaborative math game where students work together to beat the Math Monster to the treasure! The directions are easy in this low-prep math game. Voyage to the Treasure! works great as a math review, a day when students have a sub or as a math center.

My friend Alex from Middle School Math Man and I have been working together on a new collaborative math game series called Voyage to the Treasure! In this game, students work together to beat the board and get to the treasure first. 

Voyage to the Treasure! is a new collaborative math game series for middle school and high school math students. Students work together to beat the game's board and beat the Math Monster to the treasure! This fun math game comes with cards (30), a game board, an answer bank for students to self-check their answers, game pieces, optional student worksheets, a peer scoring rubric. #mathgames

Voyage to the Treasure math games are collaborative. Students are on the same team. Similar to a study group with students working together to review their math, students work together in this game to beat the board's Math Monster. This builds teamwork, community and gets students talking with each other in a good way. 

Voyage to the Treasure! math game - game board, game pieces, problem cards and answer bank shown here

So how do you play Voyage to the Treasure?

The main idea is that students are on the same team, working together to beat the board as they solve and check their math problems.


⦁Place 3 Voyager ships and Math Monster on their start spots.

⦁Place MAP on its placement.

Place problem cards face down next to game board.

⦁Cut out 2 Answer Banks to use during game.

Use paperclip and pencil to spin spinner.

student directions card

How to Play:

Students take turns spinning, solving and moving all of the Voyager ships.

Here is a short video that shows an example game:

1: Spin the spinner, move that many spaces. Land on Math Monster? He moves 2 spaces!

2: Take a card, solve its problem.

3: Check answer in the answer bank.

4: Get problem correct? Check KEY for your bonus move! 

5: Pick up the MAP by landing on it and correctly solving a problem. 

6: Take turns spinning and moving all Voyagers. Leave no Voyager behind!

Strategize well so that all Voyagers get to the treasure before Math Monster!

Here is the answer bank for the Voyage to the Treasure! math game. Students are in charge of checking their own answers as they play the game together.
students check the answer bank themselves
Once the game is over, students can complete a peer evaluation form to make sure everyone put in their fair share of the work.

If you teach algebra, here is a free Voyage to the Treasure game to try that covers systems of quadratic and linear equations.

Ideas for differentiating:

Students are in charge of moving 3 Voyager ships through the game board to the treasure. If you think this is too much for some of your students, 2 Voyagers can be used instead of 3. 

Also, problem cards can be removed from the deck.

The download also includes a peer evaluation sheet to help ensure all students put in an equal team effort.

In this photo can be seen the game board, game pieces, answer banks, directions to play, problem cards and peer scoring rubric

We're really excited about these games and are adding more topics all of the time! So far we have a variety of games made for middle school and algebra topics. 

See our Voyage to the Treasure math games here.

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