Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page

This FREE parallel lines cut by a transversal coloring activity doubles as a colorful reference poster or student notebook reference. Now includes a link to an interactive GOOGLE Slides version for online learning and teaching.

This year I am teaching a Study Skills class for the first time. All of my students in the class are sophomores, which means they are all taking Geometry. Recently, they're all learning about parallel lines, transversals and angle relationships and I have been finding that I really need a visual for them to reference. 

UPDATE:  This digital version of the parallel lines and transversals poster has been added to the download. The file now includes printable color, printable black and white and digital on Google Slides. The digital version can be used as notes during teaching or sent to students as a digital reference and practice. It has movable, drag and drop angles that can be used to show the angle pairs. You can use both the printable and digital versions during your lessons on parallel line angle pairs by giving each student their own printable poster and using the digital version as notes.

I had made this poster a while ago, but it faded over the years. I wanted to make a visual that could be printed for students and in black and white. Math word walls have totally changed my teaching, but since I teach my Study Skills class in a classroom that is not my own, I needed to come up with something that could either be put in a notebook or on the wall. 

This coloring page uses patterns so can be printed in black and white. 

There is also a blank one for teachers who have time for their kids to color their own copy. 

I also included a full color version for teachers with color printers. 

This feedback of the posters totally made my day.

If you need an angle pairs poster for younger kids, the one below is included in my 7th grade math word wall - print and digital

UPDATE: The poster download now includes a link to this digital version that can be used for online learning. 

7th grade math word wall
7th grade angle pairs poster

There is a full-color version of the poster and a black and white version (the one shown above) that students can color themselves. 

Geometry word wall

This Geometry Word Wall - print and digital is a helpful reference for the many topics, concepts and vocabulary terms covered in Geometry.

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Digital Math Escape Room

To meet the needs of classrooms with technology, I've been making digital math escape rooms. This one here is a parallel lines cut by a transversal digital math escape room that covers naming angle pair relationships and solving for angle measures.

I love using task cards as a way to summarize learning. This set of parallel lines task cards covers all the angle pairs. Students are asked to name angle pairs, name the relationship between angles, solve for x, and find angle measures. 

Another fun way to sum up a unit on parallel line angle pairs is with a pennant activity. This parallel lines cut by a transversal math pennant can be used as a fun activity, assessment, warm up or exit slip (each student gets one), homework, or even as sub work. 

Students find the measures of angles that are corresponding, alternate interior, vertical, same-side interior, alternate exterior and supplementary and then hang their work as class decor. 

You can find the parallel lines and transversals poster and coloring page for free here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I plan to use these for our geometry angles unit. I think the colors and symbols will especially help my special-needs students! I have 2 co-taught classes and am always looking for ways to help them gain confidence with new skills!
    Anna (from Piece of Pi)

  2. I'm so happy you can use it! I teach Special Ed too and my kids really like visuals. I hope you have a great week!

  3. The Parallel Lines-Transversal coloring page!!! OMG!! I have done this lesson for years where I have the kids create their own, to VERY mixed results!! (Some turn out beautifully; some are a true mess! Ugh!) Can't wait to use this with my class this year! Thanks SO much for your cool creativity!! (Wish I had time to create more... maybe next year - LOL!)

    1. Oh yay Karen! I'm glad you found this one and I hope it helps! :)

  4. Thank you! We just started a unit in Congruence and Similarity. The poster will be very helpful.

    Where can I find the task cards you mention?

    1. Wow, I guess I just never linked those! I'm so sorry about that! They are in my tpt store.

  5. My teacher thinks this is great and so do i thank you

    1. I hope you are having a good year, even though it is super hard. Thank you so much for coming here to leave a comment.

  6. Is there a answer key to this? Or do I do it my self? (No-offense)

    1. The static poster can be used as a key.

  7. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

    I appreciate the patterned image, especially as an accommodation for color blind students.