How to Find the Domain and Range of a Graph (video + sheet)

How to Find the Domain and Range of Graphs (video + sheet)

This is a super quick post sharing a domain & range of graphs poster, a set of domain and range cards and a video showing how to use the poster to find domain and range from a graph.

how to find the domain and range of graphs reference sheet

The sheet above connects a graph's arrows to its domain and range. In the video I go over a few examples and show how to use the sheet. Please excuse my bloopers. I used a flair so that my writing could be seen in the video, and sometimes my hand works faster than my brain. I erase a lot when doing math.

I hope the video examples are helpful if you are having a hard time finding domain and range of graphs in your algebra or algebra 2 class. Those arrows can be tricky, especially when there are other relative minimums and maximums on your function graphs. 

The domain and range reference sheet can be found here in my Google Drive. The practice cards are here in my Google Drive. 

Algebra activities bundle
Algebra activities bundle

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