"My New Year Matholution!" math pennant activity to set New Year's resolutions in math class

Looking for a way to set new year's goals in math class? This math pennant is in the shape of a new year's horn and allows students to write out their goals and get a little creative decorating their math classrooms. The math pennants then act as reminders of their new year goals. A digital version of the Matholution pennant was added in 2020.

As adults we love making New Year's resolutions and goals for changing our lives in the new year. This year, I will remind myself that mistakes are a necessary part of the process and push hard past them to find success. In past years, I've made resolutions to hit the gym, eat healthier, stretch more, turn my phone off at night. A new year represents a fresh new start and who doesn't love that?

Students love fresh starts, too, and what better time to set new goals in math than the new year?

My New Year Matholution! Math Pennant to set new year's resolutions in math class

I made this holiday math New Year Matholution math pennant a few years ago for students to set their new year math goals and get a little creative decorating their math classrooms. 

In 2020, I added a digital version in Google Slides to meet the needs of classrooms forced to go digital. Students can drag-and-drop stars to decorate their Matholution pennants after writing their resolutions. The link to the Google Slides file will be found inside the PDF.

I also added a handle to the pennant to make it look more like the intended horn and less like a champagne bottle <<facepalm>>. The printable version has also been updated with a handle.

The pennant is shaped like a New Year's horn and comes 2 per page. (this is a picture of the old, handle-less version).

My New Year Matholution! math pennant 2 per page pdf printout cut in half for each student

Whole pages can be set on student desks to share or cutting the pages in half and giving each student one horn each works, too.

My New Year Matholution

Students write out their New Year Matholution and hang their horns as a reminder of their newly set math goals. There are extra stars on the page to color, cut out and use to decorate the horns a little extra.

Over the years I've been sent a bunch of awesome photos of student work decorating your classrooms. This photo from Ms. Woodworth of her students' Matholution pennants decorating the school courtyard is one I think about often.

All of those Matholution pennants representing fresh starts for so many students. There are more Matholution classroom photos to see in this post.

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  1. Sherrice MyersDecember 29, 2021

    These look really cool! I also subscribed a little bit ago and tried to find the math resource library but i never got an email or link... does that still work?

    1. Hi Sherrice, if you've gotten an email from me recently, there will be a link towards the bottom into the math resource library. If you don't have any recent emails, please just send me an email (shana@scaffoldedmath.com) and I will link you to it:)

  2. I did this Project with my 2nd grade Spanish Class. Thank you so much.