Matholution Math Pennant Photos Shared by Teachers!

Especially now that I am home and feeling a bit disconnected from the classroom, one of my favorite things is being sent or tagged in photos of your classrooms. 

When I made this Matholution pennant, I really didn't expect to see it hanging in so many classrooms with so many thoughtful and inspiring New Year math resolutions. Throughout January as the photos kept rolling in, my heart grew fuller and fuller.  

Here are some of the wonderful photos that you all have sent to me of your beautiful classrooms and the matholutions students have made for the year. If your photo is one of the ones below, there's no way I can thank you enough. 

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Tut shared this photo of her matholution bulletin board on Instagram with the title "What do you want to accomplish this year?"
Mrs. Tut's matholution bulletin board

Mrs. Welch's students decorated their matholution pennants with stars and lots of color.
Mrs. Welch's students' matholution pennants

Ms. Barnaby titles her matholution bulletin board "Matholutions I RESOLVE".
Ms. Barnaby's matholution bulletin board

Student matholution: "Review my work before turning it in."
Closeup of a pennant in Ms. Barnaby's classroom

Ms. Blaser printed her students' matholution pennants on colored paper and displayed them on the wall in the hall.
Ms. Blaser's matholution hall display

Look: Our matholutions for the second semester are..."
Ms. Brown's matholution bulletin board 

I enjoy following Ms. Collins on Instagram. Here is a photo of her students' matholution math pennants
Ms. Collins's matholution whiteboard display

I love the movement in this math bulletin board display of Ms. Degnan's matholution pennants.
Ms. Degnan's 2019 matholution bulletin board

Such a colorful and happy hall display from Ms. Gerber of her students' matholution pennants
Ms. Gerber's matholution hall display

I love the vertical chevron background Ms. Granger used on her math bulletin board to display her students' matholutions.
Ms. Granger's beautiful matholution display

"New Year, New Goals"
Ms. Krug's matholution pennants

"My new year matholution is to check my work because sometimes I make careless mistakes."
Closeup of Ms. Krug's student's matholution

Ms. Ku displayed all of her student's matholution pennants in her classroom to make this impressive display.
Ms. Ku's math classroom and matholution pennants

Each student colored his or her matholution pennant in their own unique way.
Ms. Mastrull's students' matholution pennants

"Our New Year's Matholution" in Ms. Quintanilla's math classroom
Ms. Quintanilla's mew year matholution display

"I will study before a test and read the notes I copy from the smartboard. I will help others when they need help."
Closeup of Ms. Quintanilla's student's pennant

Ms. Z's matholution pennant display shared on Instagram stories.
Ms. Z's matholution window display

Ms. Ronnay's matholution bulletin board

"I want to deliver more active lessons and share my resources with my department."
Closeup of Ms. Ronnay's own teacher matholution

"I will not be afraid to answer questions or be scared to get it wrong."
Closeup of Ms. Ronnay's student's matholution

#icandoit #goals Matholutions bulletin board display from Ms. Sanclemente
Ms. Sanclemente's matholutions display

This matholution display brought tears to my eyes. It was the photo I attached to the email I sent to my mom, dad and brother letting them know my decision to resign from my teaching position until my daughter is a little older.
Ms. Woodworth's 7th grade matholution display

Download the free Matholution pennant here.

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