Multiplication Cheat Sheet

Do yout students struggle with the standard multiplication algorithm? Are you also looking for visuals for multiplicaiton by the area method? In this post is a free pdf printable math cheat sheet for the standard multiplicaiton algorithm as well as a link to a math word wall showing multiplication by the area method.

One of my favorite things to do - and this is going to sound funny - is making math cheat sheets. 

When I'm making them I imagine kids struggling with a certain concept or algorithm and being completely stressed out about it. Then I imagine my cheat sheet maybe helping alleviate some of that pressure. This is what drives the work I do. I know that anxiety pretty well and it's no fun.

Multiplication Cheat Sheet

Teachers are everything and no cheat sheet will ever take their place. Every free math cheat sheet I make is meant to help kids who are struggling with a topic and whose self-confidence is starting to wear down because of that struggle.

A couple teachers had asked for a multiplication cheat sheet, one saying that my long division cheat sheet helped her son. I had been imagining what that sheet would look like and today finally hashed it out.

I have posted more math cheat sheets in this post: 


Most of the cheat sheets on that page are for older students, but there are a few in there for younger students. All are free to download. 

> You can find the free multiplication cheat sheet here in my Google Drive.

Multiplication Pennant with a ghost theme

Here is a fun math pennant for multiplication. It has a ghost theme for Halloween.

area model multiplication math word wall reference

I included multiplication with the area model on my 4th grade math word wall. I like this method a lot, especially because it connects to high school math when students multiply polynomials. 

Multiplication holiday math ornaments

For the winter holidays, I made this set of multiplication ornaments.

> You can find the free multiplication cheat sheet here in my Google Drive.

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Free math resource library


  1. Yikes....this free cheat sheet is in need of an edit. :)

    1. I knew it! Back to the drawing board!

    2. All fixed. This is what I get for not triple checking... happens to me with everything. I appreciate your super quick response! All fixed now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    3. I would correct the step verbage too - maybe add something in there about adding zero placeholders.

    4. This would be a great class conversation. Maybe even have the kids use red crayon to write their own zeros in that blank space.