In this post are links to free math resources from Scaffolded Math and Science, including math word walls, math pennants, math cheat sheets and other fun activities.

Everyone loves free teaching resources! In this post I want to share some of my free resources as well as ways to get even more math resources for free. 

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OK, now on to the free stuff! 

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As a thank you for subscribing to blog updates, you will be sent this 2-step equations math pennant.

How to be a Math Person free growth mindset poster pdf download

Growth Mindset is everything! This free How to be a Math Person poster reminds students that we are all math people.

free prime factoring references for a math word wall

I love everything about math word walls, from the way they clarify concepts for students to the way they save me tons of time explaining, and have written a lot on this blog about them. 

GEMDAS mobile for a math word wall

This PEMDAS mobile (that also includes a G) is free in the blog post A Math Word Wall PEMDAS Mobile.

FREE Math Word Wall Volume and Surface Area

This free 3-d shapes word wall covers volume, surface area and lateral surface area and has options for either CCSS or TEKS formulas. 

free algebra tiles

Do you use algebra tiles? There is a free printable set of algebra tiles in this post along with 3 ways to use them to factor quadratics.

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page

This parallel lines cut by a transversal coloring page helps Geometry students make sense of angle pair relationships.

Order of operations

This Order of Operations pennant is a fun way to practice order of operations. Best of all, the end product looks great hanging in your classroom. 

Order of Operations Math Pennant {FREE for younger kids}

This Order of Operations pennant is for younger kids
(Grades 5+)

This solving equations graphic organizer is designed for kids who are having trouble solving equations.

Language of Math poster

This Language of Math poster links the words kids see in word problems to their symbols. 

free integer operations graphic organizer

This integers graphic organizer helps kids "see" the relationship between positive and negative numbers. The questioning on the sheet has helped so many of my students overcome their integers roadblocks.

Function or relation

This Function or Not sorting activity is a great follow up after an introduction to what makes a relation a function.

Exponent rules

Finding Areas with Monomials links what kids already know about finding areas of rectangles to multiplying monomials. It's great practice during a unit on exponent rules and polynomial multiplication.

Free GCF and LCM math word wall card references showing the upside down cake method, or ladder method as it is also called.

GCF and LCM are easy to find with this method. This reference here is free in the post Finding GCF and LCM with the Upside-down Cake Method.

Quadratic Keywords poster

This quadratic keywords poster has helped my students tremendously sort out when a quadratic word problem is asking for a part of a maximum or a zero.

projectile motion warm up template

We use this projectile motion warm up template during our unit on the graphing calculator and projectile motion. It really seems to help my students develop all the skills they need to solve quadratic word problems.

Algebra 2 warm up template

This Algebra 2 warm up template is BY FAR my favorite way to make warm ups in Algebra 2. It's a template that can be used with any graph or equation you shine on the board. 

I liked the Algebra 2 warm up template so much that I made an Algebra 1 warm up template.

creating a digital checkbook in Excel or Google Sheets

I give this set of directions to my Consumer Math students so that they can set up a digital checkbook in either Excel or in Google Sheets that automatically calculates a student's balance.

free slope poster for an algebra classroom

This slope poster reminds students about the 4 types of slope we may see.

The Fridge bulletin board

This is the download of letter pennants to spell The Fridge on your classroom bulletin board. The cover is a photo of our classroom fridge where students choose to hang their graded papers.

Test prep foldable

I love this test-taking strategies foldable. It's chock full of tips for kids to relax and believe in themselves.

Number Talks in high school

These editable Number Talks slides totally transformed my teaching. 

Here's where I have linked all of the free math cheat sheets on my blog.

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  1. Loving your blog! I will definitely be visiting more!

  2. am i free to download these and use them myself? especially the algebra related UK freebies as they are hard to come across, great blog!

    1. Of course! You can use them in your classroom and upload to a password-protected site for students:)

  3. Where is the synthetic division freebie? Your blog post on Synthetic Division in Algebra 2 led me here, but I don't see it...of course it is the beginning of the school year...:P

    1. The sheet is now linked right into the post. I have 2 places for freebies on my blog, which is way too confusing!

  4. I was looking for the synthetic division one, too. I can see the blog post for it (where that link you posted above sent me to), but the blog post just sends me back to this freebie page, where I can't find that particular one. Any idea where the file went?

    1. I'm so sorry about that! I have 2 places for freebies--- one in the tab above and one on the right sidebar (only when looking at by blog in desktop mode). I fixed the post to go right to the sheet now. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  5. Looking for the math cheat sheets to download, but am unable to access them. Any tips where to find them?

    1. I just updated this post with a link to the cheat sheets at the bottom. You can also find them all through the link in this post:

      Thank you for letting me know they were harder to find than they should be! :)

  6. Just started browsing your blog, and you are an awesome teacher. thank you for being generous.