Math Pennants

“My students absolutely LOVE these math pennants. And I hate decorating bulletin boards, so this is a painless way to keep [things] looking festive!" - iheartmath

“It all started with your free download of your order of operations pennant. My students really enjoyed doing these last school year. So, in planning for the beginning of this new school year (our beginning unit is exponents /sci notation) I was dismayed in the fact that I could not find anything on Sci Notation. Hmm... I thought ... maybe if I sent a note out to this seller maybe she could help - so I did. Let me tell everyone out there - this seller/artist ROCKS!!! Her response was quick and she created the scientific notation bundle in a heart beat!! I couldn't stop there though - I ultimately purchased this whole bundle! Thank you Shana!!! (very reputable!)” - Diane D

“This was one of the things that many of my students commented that they enjoyed when I asked them at the end of the year. They liked the opportunity to be somewhat creative. I think they felt like they were less threatening than "real" work. LOL!” - Marla B

"These are wonderful! I have seen other teachers use these, and I couldn't wait to try them! They are a wonderful short formative assessment for students, and a wonderful way to decorate the room!" - Sarah M

My original math pennants blog post started with good intentions-- post photos of math pennants. Simple idea. 

Math Boss Pennant

As the years went by, the post has grown to where it's a little, well a lot, overwhelming. There are math pennants and links everywhere. 

Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph

It's hard for me to believe that I have made over 100 math pennants. Because there is no way for me to blog about them all, in this post I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. 

Volume and Surface Area Math Pennant Activity

Every one of my pennants has been a labor love to get the problems and formatting right. Still, I do have a few favorites...

Multiplying fractions math pennant activity

Multiplying fractions.

Domain and range math pennant

Domain and range.

Pythagorean Theorem math pennant

Pythagorean Theorem.

Adding and subtracting integers math pennant

Adding and subtracting integers.

Earth Day math pennant

Earth Day.

Pi Day pennant (metric version)

Pi Day (this one is the metric version).

Comparing fraction size math pennant

Comparing fraction size.

Geometric transformations math pennant

Geometric transformations.

Literal equations math pennant

Literal equations.

Holiday Math Pennants

I have also made a bunch of holiday math pennants. Here is a slope-intercept math pennant for Valentine's Day:

This Math Pennants bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers is home to all of my math pennants for all topics and grades: 

Math pennants bundle
Math Pennants Bundle

All math pennants are also listed individually in my TpT store:


I have also put together grade-level bundles:

Elementary Math Pennants bundle
Middle School Math Pennants bundle
Middle School Math Pennants - smaller bundle
Algebra Pennants bundle
Geometry Pennants bundle

Below are a few of the smaller topic-specific math pennant bundles:

Solving equations math pennant bundle
Solving Equations Math Pennant Bundle

Scientific Notation Math Pennant Activity Bundle
Scientific Notation Math Pennant Bundle

Fraction Pennants mini-bundle
Fraction Pennants mini-bundle

algebra pennants mini-bundle
Solving Equations Pennants mini-bundle

Pi Day Activities bundle

Teachers, you are so creative, resourceful and just so awesome in every way. My idea starting out making math pennants was to make a way for students to display their hard work while also decorating their classrooms. 

Teachers have emailed and left great feedback on the ways they are using math pennants with their students that go far beyond what I had imagined:

1: warm ups
2: centers
3: team building group work
4: exit tickets
5: homework
6: extra credit
7: class decor
8: part of an emergency sub folder

My favorite is #7-- class decor. I know firsthand how much kids LOVE seeing their work displayed and how motivating it is, especially on harder days. And I love being able to point to a kid's hard work when he is struggling and say, "see, you CAN do it!"

Math pennant blog posts:

 Holiday Math Pennants

Christmas Math Pennants

◎ Math pennants are a fun way to show off student work

math pennants on Teachers pay Teachers
Math Pennants on TpT


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2016

    New viewer here ... wanted to know if you have some common core math pennant activities organized by grade level?

    1. They are not yet organized by grade level. If there is a specific topic or topics you need, please let me know. I will make them and send them to you for free (as a thank you for supplying the topic:)

    2. I've updated this post since answering your question way back in July 2016. Links to grade-level math pennant bundles are now here. Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. Hello .... I love your pennants. Would you happen to have any adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing in scientific notation??? Thank you!!!!

    1. UPDATE! Yes, I now do! :)

  3. Absolutely. I will send you an email.

  4. I am so excited about the free pennant I received for signing up to your blog. Do you have a pennant for systems of equations?

  5. Hi.. i love the idea of pennants.. was lookin for any ideas for scientific notation n trigonometry

    1. Hi Arshia!

      I have these! They're in my TpT store but to make it easier for you to check them out, here are the links:

  6. AnonymousMay 15, 2017

    Do you have any about graphing or solving quadratics? Thank you. I really want to try them before this year ends! Thank you again.

    1. I have a Quadratic Formula pennant and will add graphing quadratics to my list :) If you email me, I will send it to you when it's done. Thank you for the suggestion!

  7. I'm reading a few more of your blogs about math concept pennants and using this idea for culinary arts or foods I level course when teaching measurements in recipes and doubling amounts or halving amounts. Students seem to struggle with fractions.

    1. Some of those doubles and halves can get so tricky! I always have to stop and pump myself up a little like, "you got this" when halving 1/3 or doubling 2/3.

  8. I would like to transfer the idea of pennants to English. Suggestions?

  9. I've looked but don't see one -
    Do you have an end of the year pennant? Like a reflection / what I learned / what I've improved at / next year I'm confident I can?
    You know you're great! :)

    1. I have a couple that may work. One is a "Math Boss" pennant for going into testing season and the other is a way for this year's students to give advice to next year's students:

  10. I have been having my 7th Grade math students working with the Middle School bundle as review prior to state testing. The students are super engaged and working hard with the problems. They will be hanging in the hallway during Open House. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh awesome, Lindee! Thank you so much for letting me know! It makes me really happy to hear they're working hard and are engaged. Yay! So great! Thank you!

  11. Really cool idea! I work in a Special Needs classroom of Middle schoolers,do you have any pennants to support our classroom? Thank you Roberta Lynch

    1. Hi Roberta! Thank you for your comment. I think that any of the pennants could work with your students. Most of the pennants vary n difficulty so that every student can work at their level. But I am happy to send you a set to try out if you'd like. My email is Just please send the topic and I will see what I have to send!