Free Graphing Radicals Reference Sheet

"But I finally got this, why do we have to move on?" 

Function Translation Activity

That 90% up there was a big deal. My student had a really tough time learning how to shift functions, so for him pulling off near perfect accuracy was a big deal. But now that he felt successful, he didn't want to move on. But of course we had to.

After shifting functions in vertex form, we learn how to more accurately graph absolute value, quadratics and radical functions. Radicals come last, and they're the trickiest for my students because not all x values lead to nice y values. For my students who come in and take out their reference sheets (the struggle is real people), this sheet has been super helpful.

Algebra 2 word wall reference for graphing radical functions

This is the word wall reference reference we use when graphing radicals. It's made such a difference having it to use as an example when graphing radicals and finding the domain and range. 

I also made this solving radical equations partner scavenger hunt activity. Pairs of students work together with different equations that yield the same answers if solved correctly. You can read more about thee activities here.

You can find the graphing radicals reference sheet here.

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