Editable Function Operations Dice

For years I have seen a pin of functions dice on Pinterest and thought they were the coolest things ever

As it turns out, the pin originated from a Math Teacher named Druin on the post simply called Function Dice. Here is the photo that you may have seen:

Function Dice from Druin

In Algebra 2 we needed a hands-on activity to keep everyone engaged. 

It was May, seniors were leaving soon and my juniors were all rapidly contracting their own little cases of senioritis. In May we were learning function operations and my students needed practice that didn't feel like practice. 

function operations dice

I put one set of dice together just to see how long it would take. On function dice day my students grabbed scissors and tape and put their dice together themselves. It took them about 15 minutes (while chatting a whole lot) but it was a nice relaxing start to the activity. I gave everyone this recording sheet,

function operations dice recording sheet

and let them practice. The directions on the sheet are to roll the function dice twice and the operation dice once. Then students record their rolls on their sheets and circle their final answers. 

Function Operations task cards for Algebra 2

Later in the week we summarized learning with this set of function operations task cards

Function Operations task cards for Algebra 2

There are 24 cards that ask students to add, subtract, multiply and divide functions at x or at a given value. 

Function Operations task cards for Algebra 2

Everyone got a recording sheet with 24 rows to show all of their work. I usually print one set of task cards per 2-3 students, but for bigger classes I am sure a set can be stretched farther. I like assessing with task cards because there is less pressure, students can learn while they are being assessed and confidence stays a little higher. 

Function operations task cards

I messaged Druin through Twitter asking if it would be OK for me to offer an editable version of his handmade function dice through my blog and got the go-ahead! 

Download the free dice here. Thanks Druin! 

You can read more about the activities we complete during our unit on functions in the post To Function or Not to Function

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