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Math classroom decoration ideas
Math Classroom Decoration Ideas

 5 Ways Math Word Walls Have Changed My Teaching
5 Ways Math Word Walls Changed My Teaching

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Poster and Coloring Page
Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal

Math Pennants
Math Pennants

Middle School Math Word Wall Ideas
Middle School Math Word Wall Ideas

"We are all math people!" Growth mindset poster
Math Person Growth Mindset Poster

Back to School pennant: A Math GLYPH
Back to School Math Pennant & Glyph

Integer Rules Visual References for Addition and Subtraction free printable pdf posters
Visual Integer Rules References

Resources and ideas for teaching number sense in students
Can We Really Teach Number Sense?

 7 Hacks That Will Change Your Disrupted Math Class
7 Hacks for Your Disrupted Math Class

 Domain and Range Intervention!
Domain and Range Intervention!

A Math Word Wall PEMDAS Mobile - and GEMDAS
PEMDAS (and GEMDAS) Mobile

3 Pi Day activities (and 10 Pi Day Facts)
3 Pi Day Activities

Fun Activities for Learning and Teaching Slope in Algebra
Fun Slope Ideas

High School Math Word Wall Ideas
High School Math Word Wall Ideas

 Fun with Quadratics
Fun With Quadratics

To function or not to function, that is the question. Functions in algebra
Function or not?

 Top 10 Greatest Moments in Math History
Top 10 Math Moments in History

Integer Operations Graphic Organizer
Integers Graphic Organizer

 A manipulative for integer operations
Integer Operations Manipulative

Math Cheat Sheets
Math Cheat Sheets

Free Math templates for Algebra, Algebra 2 and even one for Geometry
Math Templates

Number Talks in High School Math
Number Talks in High School Math

Partner Scavenger Hunt Activities in math class
Partner Scavenger Hunts

Quadratic Functions posters for an Algebra classroom
Quadratics Posters

Solving Equations Graphic Organizer
Solving Equations Graphic Organizer

Teaching Linear Equations
Teaching Linear Equations

 Displaying Student Work on "The Fridge" classroom bulletin board
Displaying Student Work on "The Fridge"


  1. Hi! I've been trying to download your "graphing rational functions" cheat sheet and I can't find it anywhere. Can you help?

    1. I'm sorry it's giving you trouble. At the bottom of the post "Graphing Rational Functions Reference Sheet" is a link (the word "here" is hyperlinked blue). I am also happy to email you the link. My email is