All sorts of slope 4 ways

Positive, negative, zero and undefined slope activity

So much learning happens in Algebra and slope is one of the core topics. I love fun, hands-on activities for teaching slope. When kids come out of Algebra having enjoyed most of it, math from then on becomes a whole lot more accessible. 

slope classroom decor
(slope pennant)

Algebra is so important, and it directly links to higher mathWe know it's crucial, so does this mean Algebra needs to be super serious? No way! 

Even for my older Algebra 2 students, I love assigning activities where they cut and paste. There is something so low-anxiety about it that it allows my students to relax and reflect on their day. My students are always so stressed out about what they have going on that a little creativity is a great break. The post Fun Slope Activity Ideas has more engaging slope activities, including the slope pennant above.

Slope puzzle

This Slope 4 Ways Puzzle is a nice introduction to the 4 major slopes - positive, negative, zero and undefined. You can print it full-sized or smaller to fit in students' interactive notebooks. (You can find this one for free here). 

I also updated this one to a digital puzzle that students can complete online. It has been added this Slope 4 Ways Puzzle w/ GOOGLE Slides Version activity on tpt.

Students can move the pieces to make 4 puzzles with positive, negative, zero and undefined slopes.

free slope poster pdf download

I also made this slope poster for the 4 different types of slope. You can find this poster for free here: Slope Poster for your Classroom

For classrooms with technology, students are enjoying this slope digital math escape room

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