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Pi earrings combine your love of math teaching and fashion!
Dark teal and gold pi earrings

My husband got me a Cricut completely out of the blue for Christmas this year. I think it was his way of telling me I need to get some creativity back into my life. After some thought about what I could use it for, I [pretty predictably] landed on math jewelry. Pi is such a beautiful math symbol so I knew it would have to be part of things. After some trial and error, I came up with hand-painted pi earrings. 

"Red for Ed" pi earrings
"Red for Ed" pi earrings

I've been enjoying my trips to the craft store to get just the right paint colors, beads and hardware. My goal was to make these pi earrings for math teachers who want a subtle way to wear their love of math everyday. They are super light, made with 1.5" wood disks, painted and sealed with acrylic and finished with nickle-free hardware. Making these earrings has been a nice way to spend my downtime. 

I've been making hand-painted math earrings with the pi symbol on them because it is such a beautiful letter. My goal was to make these pi earrings for math teachers who want a subtle way to wear their love of math.

My husband's hint this Christmas wasn't the first time this theme has surfaced in my life. When my good friend and I first moved to Boston, my hobby was TV. She'd come home from work and see me watching TV. When she'd be getting ready for her dance class I'd be watching TV. After a few months, we had a conversation that went something like this:

"Shana, you need a hobby."

"TV is my hobby."

"TV is not a hobby."

"OK, I will look for something."

So I picked up a Cambridge Adult Education catalog and picked out the most random, out-of-my-comfort-zone class: acting. 

It was a blast. It was creative and challenging and an unexpectedly awesome change of pace. I met good friends through those classes who I would have never met otherwise. It was the exact change of pace my life needed at that time. 

To be clear, this was before teaching and family. I had a desk job at the time so there were no papers to grade or lessons to plan. I also ate a lot of snacks for dinner. Mmmm, snacks.

Adulting is hard. Working, worrying about bills, cooking, cleaning, all of it can really bog things down. Having some sort of outlet is important. TV is still one of mine and always will be, but I am happier when I also have something creative going on. Over the years, this has changed from those acting classes to crafting, to making jewelry, sewing clothes to making videos. In the last few years with work and family, I found myself relying on TV as that outlet. I didn't even know it happened, it just did. So when my husband got me a Cricut for Christmas this year, I took it as a sign to make a change towards something creative again.

Our crafting work space
Our work space

Since math is life, it had to be part of the equation, so after some thought I finally came up with something. Pi earrings. Math, art, creativity, fashion. And this whole endeavor has given my daughter and me a common goal. This is our common workspace where we bond over arts and crafts. 

Wearing my favorite dark teal and gold pi earrings
Wearing dark teal and gold pi earrings

At the same time as all of this was going on, Laine from A Little Peace of Africa was working her magic on my new website. She is amazing. 

Green and gold pi earrings being painted
Painting green and gold pi earrings

I'll still be making printable math resources, of course. It has brought me an incredible amount of joy to make math resources and connect with math teachers from all over. Pi earrings are being subbed in for TV. Well, some TV:)

Green and gold pi earrings
Green and gold pi earrings

If you'd like to order a pair for Pi Day or to wear everyday, you can find them all for sale on my website here:

The earrings hand-painted 1.5" wood disks so are super light. After painting, I seal the earrings with clear acrylic to make them water-resistant. Because I can be hard on things, I make sure every pair is durable. The beads on the top are connected with a metal pin that is embedded into the disk.

Red, white and black pi earrings
Black, white and red pi earrings

I make the earrings to order, so they can be any color you'd like. There is a "custom colors" choice. If you'd like a custom color, you can email me at shana@scaffoldedmath.com or fill out this form.

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