HELP! I can't open a GOOGLE FORM!

Help accessing a Google Form

No need to panic, there's an easy fix.

ISSUE #1: You are being prompted to ask for edit access to the Form:

If you are being told "you need permission" to access a Google Form, the first step is to re-download the PDF from TpT that has the force-copy link inside. After re-downloading, click the link inside the PDF to make a copy of the Google Form for your Google Drive.

Sometimes Google Form links break and need to be replaced with fresh links. If you are prompted to ask for edit access to a Google Form, the force-copy link was changed. Re-downloading the PDT from TpT will fix this issue.

While I cannot grant edit access to my original Google Forms, you can make your own copies to edit.

ISSUE #2: You get a "cannot access at this time" Google error:

If you see this error, paste the /copy link into an incognito browser window, then sign in with the Google credentials associated with your Google Drive. This will add a copy of the Google Form to your Drive by moving past the error.

Why this error occurs eludes me (I will update when I figure it out), but using an incognito browser window will fix the issue.

ISSUE #3: The Form is in your other Google Drive

If you have a Google Form in one Google Drive that you'd like in your other (home Drive vs. school Drive, for example), I wrote a step-by-step post here for moving it.

If you still have trouble, please send me an email:

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