Digital Math Word Walls

Over the years, I have written a lot about math word walls. In this post, I want to share the digital updates every one of my word walls has recently gotten. The digital word walls are all in Google Sides. In this post, I will show you how to send the digital word walls to students and link to some digital math posters that can be added to your virtual classroom. I'll also show you how to use the digital word walls in Microsoft Teams, if your school uses that LMS.

Over the years, I have written a lot about math word walls. In this post, I want to share the digital updates every one of my word walls has recently gotten.

I decided to use real photographs to build the digital word walls so that each word wall would feel as much like a real math classroom as possible. I'm proud to say that every one of my math word walls is now updated and comes in both print and digital form.

Every math word wall also comes printable for your classroom

The digital word walls are all in Google Sides. In this post, I will show you how to send the digital word walls to students and link to some free math poster images that can be added to your virtual classroom. I'll also show you how to use the word walls in Microsoft Teams, if your school uses that LMS. Every word wall can also be downloaded as a PDF or as a PowerPoint and still be interactive.

If digital just isn't for you, not to worry. All of the of the digital versions shown in this post are additions to their printable PDF files. Both are included in the same file. If you already own any of my math word walls, you will now find a link to the digital version on page 2 of the word wall PDF. Please just re-download the word wall and the link will be there inside. Now I'd like to show you what the word walls look like and how they work.

Algebra Word Wall

virtual algebra word wall

The first one I updated was the Algebra Word Wall. As with all of the digital word walls, when you click on one of the images, a larger image pops up. 

exponential functions on an algebra word wall

You can type math notes onto the white board that is next to the image or use that space to link to videos, etc. This algebra word wall is included in my Algebra Activities Bundle w/ digital updates.

Geometry Word Wall

I wanted to make the digital versions visually appealing to students so that they'd be spaces students want to visit, if even just in cyberspace. Here is a screenshot of the digital Geometry Word Wall:

digital geometry word wall

Here is what the word wall looks like after clicking on the similar triangles reference. Students return to the main classroom wall by clicking the red and white "back to class" button in the lower right corner. 

similar triangles on a geometry word wall

To date, I have made math word walls for grades 2 through 8, Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2, the Unit Circle, Area and 3-D Shapes. They are all now available in print color, print black & white and digital.

Algebra 2 Word Wall

Algebra 2 word wall

The printable version of this Algebra 2 Word Wall was the first math word wall I had made for my own algebra 2 students. 

exponential functions parent graph algebra 2 word wall

8th Grade Math Word Wall

8th grade math word wall

Here is the home wall of the 8th grade math word wall

7th Grade Math Word Wall

7th grade math word wall

To make a lot of the digital word walls, I was able to use the word wall photos I had taken over the years. For some reason, I had never taken a lot of photos of the 7th grade math word wall, so took all new photos.

6th Grade Math Word Wall

6th Grade Math Word Wall

If you'd like a deeper look into how the digital versions work, here is a video of the 6th Grade Math Word Wall's digital version: watch video

5th Grade Math Word Wall

The photos for the 5th grade math word wall are also all new. Could I have snipped the PDF and built the digital versions that way? Sure. But I really wanted to create a more real-life feel.

4th Grade Math Word Wall

4th grade math word wall

This 4th grade math word wall includes references for fractions, angles and measurement.

3rd Grade Math Word Wall

3rd grade math word wall

Here is the home slide of the digital 3rd grade math word wall.

3rd grade math word wall

And its printable version in the same file. I had hand-colored the references in this photo, but they do come in color now (and black & white if you are like me and only have a laser jet printer!).

2nd Grade Math Word Wall

2nd grade virtual word wall

I just finished the printable version of this 2nd grade math word wall this year with the help of some pretty awesome second grade teachers. Now it also has a digital version (above). 

2nd grade math word wall

And here it its printable version.

Financial Literacy Word Wall

virtual financial literacy word wall

Consumer Math was one of my favorite math classes to teach because I felt like I was giving my seniors a head start on navigating their financial lives. Here is the home screen of the Financial Literacy Word Wall.

Unit Circle Word Wall

And the Unit Circle is also now available digital, print color and print black and white.

3-D Shapes Word Wall

3-D Shapes math word wall

This 3-D Shapes Word Wall is a free download in my tpt store. Over the years, I had heard from a bunch of Texas teachers about the formulas in this one. Apparently, formulas used in Texas are different! I had no idea! If you are in Texas, a "Texas version" (I know it's a little silly to say this) is also included.  

Area Word Wall

area word wall

And here is the digital area word wall.

area word wall

Here I clicked on the trapezoid to show you what comes up. 

Vertical Number Line and Integers

vertical number line

I added additional integers references to the digital version of this vertical number line. The yellow and red integer posters can be found for free on my blog here

Math Word Wall Bundle - print and interactive digital math word walls
Math Word Wall Bundle

All of my word walls are included in this large Math Word Walls Bundle. Each word wall is also available individually and in smaller 4-grade bundles.

Now I want to link you to some posters that can be added to your virtual classroom:

Virtual Math Posters

How to be a Math Person virtual poster

I put together a pack of virtual math classroom posters to add to your virtual classroom, if you choose to use one. This "How to be a Math Person" poster, 

I Know I Can virtual poster

and this "I Know I Can" poster are included, along with word wall images that can be hung on your virtual classroom wall and linked to your digital math word wall.

free word wall images for a virtual classroom

You can use them as virtual classroom décor or link them to a video or a inspirational quote or even an assignment. The choice is yours! You can download them free here.

Updating your printable word wall to digital

If you already own one of my math word walls in print, there is no work for you to do to update, other than re-downloading the math word wall file from tpt. The digital word walls are all built for you and ready to go.

If you already own one of my math word walls but don't yet have the digital version, please go to "My Purchases" on tpt and re-download the file. The link to the digital version will be on page 2

Linking to your virtual classroom

If you got into the bitmoji classroom craze, you can seamlessly link your virtual classroom to your digital word wall by hyperlinking an image. I made some special images that match the digital word walls. 

If you are building a virtual classroom, this quick video tutorial shows you how to link your digital word wall to your virtual classroom. 

Here you can see how my digital word wall is linked inside my virtual classroom. This virtual classroom template was made by my friend Amie at Glitter Meets Glue. She has written a whole virtual classroom tutorial post that covers everything about building bitmoji classrooms, if you are looking for more info.

Virtual math classroom and word wall images (free)

In this virtual math classroom pack are written directions and video tutorials explaining how to link your digital math word wall to your virtual classroom. 

Sharing with students

There are a few ways you can share your digital word wall with students. If you'd like to link it into your virtual classroom, the above directions are best. 

If you'd like to know how to share a digital word wall with students and parents without linking it to a virtual classroom, I put together a quick video here:

In the video I go over how to share the word walls so that you can edit but students cannot, and how to add text and images that hyperlink to videos. You can then share this /present link or paste it into Google Classroom or any other learning platform you may use.

In Google Classroom you can post the word wall link as an announcement so that your class will see it when they enter your class.

If you're in Microsoft Teams, I made a video tutorial for moving Google Slides into Teams:

Sharing a digital math word wall from OneDrive

1) Download the Google Slides as a PowerPoint.
2) Add the PowerPoint to your OneDrive.
3) Choose the PowerPoint and then click "share".
4) Click on 'Anyone with the link can edit" and uncheck "Allow editing".
5) Click Apply then "Copy link"
6) Copy this link and share with students.

Students will not be able to edit, but you still can! Back in your OneDrive, if you'd like to add anything to the PowerPoint word wall, your students will see your additions when they refresh.

You can find all of my math word walls here:

Math word walls - print and digital

math word walls - print ad digital

More digital math

To meet the needs of digital learning, I have updated over 100 of my printable math activities to also include links to digital versions. It's been a lot of work, but happy work. I had been avoiding updating to digital for a while, so while this pandemic has been quite painful, it did give me the push I needed.

Solving Equations Mix-Match

I had been resistant towards creating digital math resources for so long that it became pretty liberating to finally be pushed into it. For me, my resistance stemmed from not knowing where to start. With everything else going on, I didn't want to start from scratch learning something new. Once I pushed past this, I found creating digital math activities to actually be fun! For one, the color! With digital resources, access to a color printer is no longer a limiting factor.

One of my more recent digital-only math activities have been digital math escape rooms where students type codes to solve puzzles. Here is a screenshot of puzzle #1 in an integers digital math escape room.

digital math escape rooms

I wrote a post showing some of these updates and new digital math activities:

Just like the word walls, most of the math resources include both digital and printable versions so that you have what you need when you need it, no matter what school looks like. You can browse all of my digital math resources here:

free math resource library


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    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I'm happy to do it. Thank you for all the hard work you are also putting in. You are changing kids' lives and their families' lives for generations to come. You are a rock star!

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  6. Do you have any walls for 1st or 2nd grade?

    1. As of now, I do have a word wall for 2nd grade (linked above), but not [yet] one for 1st grade. This post will be updated when I do.