Valentine's Day Math Activities

Holidays can be SO tricky to navigate, especially when teenage hormones are involved! Add in boxes of chocolate, balloons and giant fuzzy teddy bears and it's a recipe for little work getting done. 

I asked some math friends if they had any fun, Valentine's Day-themed activities to keep students working on this highly-distractible day. They sent over some great stuff, all of which you can see below. 

Valentines Day algebra math pennant activity for graphing linear equations

Above is a linear equations hearts pennant where students graph and write the equations of linear functions n slope-intercept form. And here is a photo my friend Mandy at Math Dyal sent to me. 

Mandy's students completed the activity and used the hearts to decorate her classroom door (there are tabs on the hearts to hang them from string, too). 

Valentines Day algebra math pennant activity for graphing linear equations

I also just recently made set of inequalities heart pennants

A new set this year for graphing exponential functions.

Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers heart math pennants for Valentine's Day

And a set for adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

Adding ad subtracting mixed numbers heart math pennants for Valentine's Day

How fun would this Polynomial Valentine's Day coloring activity from Math Dyal's be during a polynomials unit in Algebra or Algebra 2?

Valentine's Day math coloring activity for polynomials in Algebra or Algebra 2

My friend Kara from Learning Made Radical sent this great photo of her Area of Triangles Color By Number

Valentines Day math coloring activity for Geometry area of triangles

And this one of a Slope From a Graph Color By Number activity.

Valentine's Day math coloring Algebra activity slope from a graph

My friend from Secondary Math Shop has this great Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle. She is absolutely amazing when it comes to Geometry.

Valentine's Day math activity puzzle Pythagorean Theorem for Geometry

How super cute is this adding and subtracting fractions chain of hearts activity from Miss Math Dork? I love this photo so much and know kids would love making this chain to decorate their classrooms for Valentine's Day.

Miss Math Dork Valentine's Day math adding and subtracting fractions activity chain of hearts

This Valentines Day factoring trinomials activity from Amanda at Free to Discover couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I know what my Algebra 2 students will be doing this week!

Valentine's Day math activity factoring quadratics Algebra Algebra 2 activity

And here are some more Valentine's Day-themed activities to get us through this love-fueled day!


  1. Thank you for compiling this awesome collection of resources! Great ways to make math practice meaningful and fun while celebrating Valentine's Day. :)

    1. Thank you Amanda! And I LOVE your Valentine's Day factoring activity! Perfect timing with our current unit!