How to send a digital word wall to students

In this post, you will learn exactly how to send a digital word wall to students. The steps are super simple. You will be able to edit your digital word wall and those edits will magically appear on the word wall shared with students. Cool! Here is a short video tutorial:

I realized today while putting groceries away that I had never written a dedicated post explaining how to send digital word walls to students. (Facepalm) So that's what this post will cover.

You can send a digital word wall just as you would any other Google Slides file, but I like the method outlined in this post better. Here's a short video tutorial:

What I like about this method is that students cannot edit the digital word wall but you can. This makes the word wall a great reference for students and a way for you to deliver information. When you edit your version of the word wall, the edits magically show up on the word wall you shared with students. Cool!

How to send a digital word wall to students

Steps to send your digital word wall to students:

1: Open your digital word wall

2: Go to file>share and make sure its set to "anyone with the link can view"

3: Copy the share link

4: Paste the share link somewhere to edit it. I use Word but you can paste it anywhere. 

5: At the end of the URL, change /edit?usp=sharing to /present

6: Copy and share the entire URL (ending in /present) with students. That's it!

If you are in Google Classroom:

If you'd like to post the /present word wall link to Google Classroom for your students:

7: Copy the entire link with /present at the end.

8: Paste the link on the Stream tab for your students with a note about it being their math vocabulary wall.

Now, whenever you add to your digital word wall (notes, video links, etc.), students will see your edits on their digital word wall!

Alternate method:

If you would rather students each have their own editable copy of their digital word wall, there are directions in this How to send Google Slides post for sending students each their own word wall copy.

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