Giveaway! UpSparks Multiplication Flashcards

Memorizing number facts will always be important.

Why? Self-confidence! 

Memorization is all about self-confidence. When a kid knows his times tables, he doesn't freeze in algebra when asked "what two numbers multiply to 12 and add to 7?" She doesn't get to thinking she "can't do math" when asked to factor x2 + 7x + 12".

So I was pretty thrilled when Nick at UpSparks reached out about hosting a giveaway of his flashcards.

Multiplication flashcards will always be in. They will always be necessary, and UpSparks Multiplication Flashcards are the best quality cards on the market.

This giveaway is for a pack of UpSparks Multiplication Flashcards.

Here is a video:

And a little background on these great cards:

Each UpSparks box contains 169 color-coded cards, challenging learners with every table combination 0-12. The innovative design includes:

◾ Vibrant colors and clean design to brighten and visually link colors to learning

◾ Rounded color-matched corners for quick and easy sorting, stacking and packing

◾ Perfectly sized cards to fit hands both big and small

◾ Black core technology to guarantee no see-through cards

◾ Free digital and printable resources, games and extras.

◾ Free UpSparks AR augmented reality app to bring cards to life and deliver a powerfully playful learning experience

UpSparks Flash Cards can be purchased directly from, Amazon or you can download the full set as a free printable pdf.

Enter the giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you win! In the meantime, here is a link to a free set of UpSparks Multiplication flashcards: free pdf download

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  1. besides the traditional flash cards, how are these different?

    1. There’s a cool virtual reality component to these.

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for the question. I am the lead designer of the UpSparks cards so might be able to add here too :)

    As educators we got so fed up with poor quality flash cards. Cards that were created cheaply with little to no thought put into pedagogy or learning. This meant cards that were see-through (a hugely common flaw), had tiny text (impossible to see from a distance), combined multiple facts on each card (a sneaky way to cheapen production) and overall, were created to sell boxes rather than to teach learners.

    Our cards have been created to ensure all of these faults do not exist. We carefully designed our cards to be the absolute best available. This meant using the highest quality materials and design standards. The addition of color-coding to link visual stimuli to math facts. And the creation of a free library of growing digital and printable resources that can be used with the cards. We have really made sure that learning and quality are put first!

    Oh yes, and as Shana mentioned, the app is pretty cool too :)

    1. Thank you Nick! And thank you for the opportunity to give your flashcards away:)