Graphing Polynomials {cheat sheet!}

This past week we started sketching polynomials after months with quadratics. So far, polynomial sketching is shaping up to be a lot easier than quadratics for this year's group of kids. After day 1, I knew our students needed a little extra support, so I made them this reference sheet:

free graphing polynomials cheat sheet

Because all the moving parts of polynomial sketching can get confusing, I wanted to add an anchor chart to our math word wall. Now I can point to this example when my students get confused between positive and negative A values and bounce/cross. 

graphing polynomials anchor chart

This addition to our math word wall really helped my students make connections between polynomial graphs and their equations. You can read about all of the activities we did to practice polynomial sketching in the post Teaching Polynomial Sketching

Polynomials quick check

You can find the free sketching polynomials cheat sheet here.

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