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Easy algebra warm ups - Scaffolded Math and Science
Scaffolded Math and Science

I love this algabra warm up template! It has saved me so much time in my Algebra 2 class creating quality, meaningful warm ups. Here's a photo of the math template on my smart board today. My students each had their own copies and did their work on paper. Today I gave my students the red equation at the bottom and they graphed it. 

Scaffolded Math and Science

As you may have guessed, we are graphing equations in factored form. Here, I gave my students the equation y = -(x + 7)(x + 4) and asked them to graph it, find domain, range, y-intercept, zeros and the vertex.  

Scaffolded Math and Science

Here's a screenshot of my purple PowerPoint file of factored form equations.

I love not needing to create, print, cut and hole punch a new warm up every day. 

When I need a warm up, I already have a stack of templates and just type a new equation. Since I have been making a lot of these templates to use throughout the year, I have compiled them into this post: Math Templates. They are all free and cover various math topics.

The purple equations Powerpoint is in my dropbox here: equation warm ups

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