Easily gamify any math assignment with a trip around the world!

How to Easily Gamify Any Math Assignment!

Easily gamify any math worksheet, set of task cards or really any math assignment by sending your students on a world trip! This simple add-on will work for any assignment with 20 questions or less. 

Students can compete by all starting at destination 1 (New York), or you can lessen the competition by having students choose where to start. 

How it works: 

  • Teams or pairs of students choose a team name and customize their avatar. Students tape their avatar under the first destination they want to visit. 

  • Students then complete that problem on their worksheet. For example, if students start at destination 2 (Stonehenge), they will complete problem 2 on their worksheet first. 

  • Students move to the next destination once they know their work is correct. I used to circulate the classroom stamping worksheet problems as students worked. 

  • Once students get back to their first destination, they have completed their world trip-- and their worksheet! 

I hope your students enjoy their math world trip! You can download the world trip here from my Google Drive.

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