Stick Figure Functions

Stick Figure Functions

Can you pose your stick figure into each of these 12 functions? Students build then pose their stick figure into algebraic functions as a fun, hands-on experience to learn and review algebraic functions. 

Inside this download is a functions stick figure cutout and a functions worksheet. The worksheet is a 12-functions guide for students to use to pose their stick figure. Students can then sketch each function on their worksheet. 

Functions students can build: 
y = x 
y = -x 
y = x^2 
y = -x^2 
y = x^3 
y = -x^3 
y = sqrt(x) 
y = -sqrt(x) 
y = |x| 
y = -|x|
y = b^x
y = -b^x 

Materials needed: 
- scissors to cut out the stick figure 
- a sharp pencil or thumb tack to poke holes 
- 3 metal brads 

Included inside: 
- stick figure cutout 
- functions worksheet 

Instead of having each student make their own stick figure, you can use one as a whole-class reference of each function, or have students pose the stick figure into different functions as you review them throughout the year!

Stick Figure Functions

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