Summer Math Summit 2023

I'm honored to be part of this year's Summer Math Summit-- a free math PD event running from June 23 through June 25, 2023.

The Summer Math Summit is a free virtual conference for 5th grade through high school, focusing on practical strategies for the math classroom. 

My session this year isn't the most exciting, but it's definitely practical. It's a step-by-step how to complete a 1040 federal tax return as a dependent. Yes, even dependents can get tax returns if they held a job during the year. Filing a federal tax return is not necessary if a person earned less than $12,950 in 2022. However, income earned less than $12,950 is not taxable, therefore any tax withheld is due back to the taxpayer-- even dependents.

You can download the free 1040 cheat sheet here.

In addition to the free sessions, there is an option to purchase a VIP ticket that comes with extra perks. You can learn more about this year's Summer Math Summit here:

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