Virtual Math Classroom Decor

Images for your virtual math classroom, including posters and a growth mindset bulletin board. Includes video tutorials for creating your own bitmoji classroom

So much learning has happened these past few months! More than I ever thought possible. If you had asked me in February if I knew what a bitmoji classroom was, I'd have looked at you funny. Now fast forward a few short months later, and I have my own virtual classroom and lots of virtual math classroom d├ęcor!

Images for your virtual math classroom, including posters and a growth mindset bulletin board. Includes video tutorials for creating your own bitmoji classroom

Above is what my virtual classroom currently looks like. I had originally made one with just a flat wall, but then learned how to turn images to hang flat on a side wall of your bitmoji classroom, so was able to decorate with some window images. Here is that tutorial:

In my virtual math classroom is a virtual growth mindset bulletin board that reads "Why I CAN DO Math" with affirmations for all of us. You can see it here in my older virtual classroom:

Virtual Math Classroom Images - Why I CAN Do Math! virtual bulletin board

I also added a How to be a Math Person poster, because we're all math people! And an I Know I Can poster with lyrics from Nas.

I added a Word Wall image to my classroom to link a digital math word wall from my Drive. Over the past few months I have updated all of my math word wall with links to interactive digital versions. You can see them here: Digital math word walls

Virtual Math Classroom Images - math word wall image to hang in a virtual classroom

Here is the video tutorial for linking the Word Wall image to a digital math word wall:

Back when I lived in a basement apartment with tiny windows, I had painted a giant window on paper to open up my living room and make it feel more inviting. I had that in mind, and my teacher brother whose classroom has no windows, when making a few windows for my virtual classroom:

The desk and plant and computer all came from the website Pixabay, which has royalty-free images that can be used anywhere. 

If you missed my email with the copy link for my virtual classroom and would like it, you can make a copy here

Virtual Math Classroom Images (free pack)
Virtual math classroom decor pack (free)

The virtual math classroom images from this post can be found in this free virtual math classroom decor pack. I'm hoping this pack takes some of the stress our of planning and decorating your virtual math classroom!

Shana McKay Scaffolded Math and Science virtual math classroom

If you haven't had time to make a virtual classroom, I hope that free pack above gets you off to a good start! 

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  1. hi! How did you get your window images to look right on your side walls? I cannot figure out how to turn them so they aren't floating. Thanks!

    1. I did that in PowerPoint then imported the image into Google Slides. Here is a link to a video on how to do it:

  2. Hi! When I save and import the image from PowerPoint, it has a white background instead of transparent. Is there a way to change that? Thanks!

    1. I'm not sure which image you are referring to, but if you save as a PNG instead of a JPEG, the background should stay transparent. If not, you can run it through or use PowerPoint as an editor by adding the image to PowerPoint, removing the background through format>color>set transparent color and re-saving the image as a PNG.