TpT for Schools

Have you heard of TpT for Schools? In case you haven't, I wanted to write a quick post on how it works. TpT for Schools is a program that allows your school to easily purchase the Teachers pay Teachers resources that you need. 

Say what? YES! Awesome, right? 

Through TpT for Schools, you send resource links to your administration to check out. Your admin then purchases the resources and electronically sends the resources to you. 

There are no requisition forms to fill out or endless catalogs to search through. It's streamlined and simple. You get the TpT resources you need without spending money from your own pocket.

Buying supplies is expensive. Glue sticks, pencils, white boards, dry erase markers, those magical rainbow carts for all our pencils and markers... it's endless. With TpT for Schools you'll have one less expense this school year.

Here is the link to check it out: TpT for Schools

And here is a printable PDF that is helpful for sharing TpT for Schools with your administration. 

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them!

TpT for Schools

-Shana McKay
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