Graphing Exponential Functions Cheat Sheet

A very nice teacher messaged me the other day asking for a graphing exponential functions reference sheet. After digging through my files, I realized that I had never made one! I had made one for identifying exponential functions but for whatever reason had never made one for graphing. 

After some trial and error, I came up with this sheet that gives the basic form of an exponential function, where to see the shifts, how to create a parent table, how to shift the table, plot the table and sketch in the asymptote. 

The parent table is the key. After that, students can graph any exponential function. And the table is so easy! 

I recorded this short video to go along with the cheat sheet. It walks students through the process of graphing exponential functions by hand.

Exponential functions on an Algebra 2 Word Wall

The parent table of an exponential function is always (0, a), (1, ab). From there, students shift the x and y values in the table and sketch. 

I also made a set of graphing exponential functions task cards for students to practice graphing exponential growth and decay functions.

There is space on the answer sheet for students to create their parent tables and shifted tables.

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