Free Math Pennants

Have you wanted to give math pennants a try? Here is a blog post with links to three free math pennants for you to print today.

"These are wonderful! I have seen other teachers use these, and I couldn't wait to try them! They are a wonderful short formative assessment for students, and a wonderful way to decorate the room!" - Sarah M

Teachers have come up with a bunch of ways to use math pennants in their classes. I have heard so many stories of disengaged students really getting into their math pennants, and to me this is everything. 

In this post I wanted to link 3 free math pennants that you can print today and use with your students.

free solving equations math pennant

This solving 2-step equations pennant is free for subscribing to blog updates. You will also get a lot more free math resources by subscribing.

free math pennant for order of operations

This order of operations pennant has been downloaded by teachers over 30,000 times. 

My favorite thing about math pennants is how they allow students to showcase their work. We have an area of our classroom called "The Fridge" where students hang their graded work and it's a real confidence-booster.

free math pennant for order of operations (younger kids)

A couple teachers emailed to ask for an order of operations pennant that would work for their younger students. I made this order of operations pennant for younger kids from their requests. It has expressions geared towards students in 5th grade through middle school. 

Free math resource library
Free math resource library

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  1. I just LOVE these pennants! I can't wait for school to start up again just so I can use them!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful summer!