Fun with Fractions Pennants: Guest Blog Post

Fraction Pennants for adding subtracting multiplying dividing comparing and converting fractions

It was very exciting to have been asked by Gina Wilson of All Things Algebra to write about my fractions pennants for the Kid Courses blog

Fractions are one of those topics in math that just keeps coming back around.  Even in Algebra 2 we learn about rational functions ie: "fractions with variables". We start the unit by reviewing fraction addition without any variables, which ends up being one of the harder parts of the unit! 

Adding Fractions Pennant

I started making math pennants for fractions after getting a few teacher requests. Since then I have made a bunch of sets covering all of the operations, comparing and converting to and from mixed numbers. The ones in the above photo cover adding fractions. You can check out all of the math pennants I have made for fractions here.

Fractions Pennants Bundle

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  1. Thanks for sharing! As a FACS teacher, I have found that students struggle with fractions for measuring with recipes. And your pennant approach might easily be adaptable for this concept in culinary arts curriculum. Thank you thank you!!!!