Slope Interactive PDF

Slope Interactive PDF

Before becoming a teacher, I was a desk jockey. Imagine the movie Office Space, except instead of the red stapler and fax machine there were endless spreadsheets and reports about hazardous waste. Who could have imagined an Environmental Science degree would lead to a job cleaning up leaky gas stations? FYI, most to all gas stations leak. The work was a little depressing.

So I left the job and started substitute teaching in Boston. At the same time, I got an internship at an internet TV station logging film and compiling b-roll. Making videos was always a favorite thing of mine. 

This slope interactive PDF was super fun to make but the sound was horrible. So I covered it up with a Summertime compilation I made long ago. It's a little weird for a Slope activity, but with -11 degrees today I'm definitely dreaming of summer! And the song is only in the video, not in the PDF:)

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