Free Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Template

A few years ago I had a lot of Algebra 2 students and not enough graphing calculators. That year, I decided to combine our graphing calculator unit with our projectile motion unit when graphing calculators were an absolute must. 

It ended up working out. Now I intentionally combine the two units because it offers a high-interest context for learning all the ins and outs of the graphing calculator. 

Do your Algebra students struggle to graph quadratics on their graphing calculators? Do they have a hard time finding an appropriate graphing calculator window? I've found that this free template works really well to help students find quadratic solutions, a good x-min, y-min, x-max and y-max that makes sense for their function and gives great practice for solving quadratics. You can download it for free from the Scaffolded Math and Science Teachers pay Teachers store.

This year, I am all about warm up templates. They work so great as quick checks and exit tickets. When I need to pull my class back from distraction, I pull out my stack of templates, put an equation on the board and collect their work. 

If I quickly need to know exactly who knows what, templates work great for that too. Templates give my students the practice they need to gain independence while learning difficult topics. We use the one above when first learning the graphing calculator. 

Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Template

Finding a good window and the whole "left bound, right bound" flip-flopping thing is really what we focus on before moving onto quadratic word problems. It's funny that students can solve these advanced problems and the window is the thing that gets in the way! 

Free projectile motion warm up template

Next week we'll start projectile motion word problems, which is probably my favorite unit (though the kids do say that I say this for everything) and we'll switch over to the above template. 

Quadratic Keywords Poster

There are more free quadratics Posters to see here

The free quadratic zeros template in this post can be download here.

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